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  1. Yeah the dude has a crush on her and made it known enough OP noticed. That is somebody SHE should limit contact with to protect their relationship on her own.

  2. These are intrusive thoughts that are an indication of anxiety and/ or depression. Get to a therapist. Even if she had cheated way back then, you still married her and had kids. So you need to get over this. It’s your issue.

  3. Same happened to me. I had chlamydia for, what I was told, roughly around 5-6 years and only found out when I finally started having symptoms and ended up in a hospital for a massive operation. My current partner years tested negative after 3 years of unprotected sex.

  4. I'm a bit concerned that he may have been love bombing you after you guys broke up and got back together. Even though there was change, the relationship seemed to revert back to the way it was which tells me that he only did what he did to get you to shut up.

    It bothers me that he asked you to quit your job, and then move in with him- to the rural side- where there's limited resources and wait times for emergency services can take hours.

    I feel like some information is missed out. What's your boyfriend's relationship like to your family, and your friends? What is the specific reason why your boyfriend doesn't like your landlord? Is your boyfriend afraid of being seen in public with you by any chance because he has a history, or is he genuinely a shy person that doesn't want to go into the store with you?

    I care about you OP. Straight up, I don't want you to have the life that you have right now taken away in case if your boyfriend is a potential abuser.. so that is why he may be asking you to quit your job and move to the country with him. A lot of bad things can happen to women when they are isolated, and especially for you, because you do not own a car- and I am not sure if you can drive or not. He's 34 years old, and there's nothing wrong with that, but generally at 34 years old if a man can't settle down or have a strong consistent relationship with someone can be a red flag. I would also add that you are younger than him, but 31 and 34 are not too far off each other.

  5. It’s lying when I ask him directly, “Is it because of my meltdown yesterday?” “No of course not.” “Is it because of our argument?” “No that wasnt even that bad of an argument, its literally just because i’m too busy to give you the care and attention you deserve and I think it’s unfair to make you wait around for me while I go through with this.”

    So if he answers me that, but it’s not the case and as you say if it’s because i’m the problem and he has to hate me he has denied that…then yes, it’s a lie.

  6. I could try, but I really have a lot of resentment towards her for all those years. Also, it's bad of me to say, but I feel that I deserve more. My gf treats me with love and care, and all I got during marriage was coldness and indifference.

  7. Oh come on you were in a sex shop with another woman, you openly talk about sexs with another woman, you bought her a sex toy and she was comfortable enough to ask this of you and you wondering why your gf isn’t ok with this? And you kept it from her?

    I’m guessing this is also the type of friend who sends raunchy pics to see if she looks ok? You know most women wouldn’t be ok with this? Address this before you get into another relationship and stop wasting peoples time. Either date the friend or be respectful

  8. Sorry friend. Stuff like this killed one of my relationships. It became so much about being on the phone together that neither of us had any time to on-line life. We ended up running out of things to talk about because neither of us was doing new things. At some point, helping her study for her calculus exam was the most engaging conversation that we had had in months. It was clear to me at that point that we were not meant to be.

  9. Oh boy. This was me a year and a half ago. Cat would wake us up every night at between 3-4am. Bf did not want to train her to stop or keep her out of the room. Bf snored like he was sawing logs and would not go to the doctor to get it addressed. Found out alcohol before bed was a major trigger for his snoring. I didn't get a full night's sleep in over two years. He would not stop drinking before bed. Broke up with him and made my new bedroom the coziest place imaginable. Wish I'd done it sooner. The cats and the bed hogging are not the problem in your relationship. Your partner refusing to put in any work to address a biological need of yours is. Good luck.

  10. Never said that she should not drink with her male friends.

    Going to a friends place alone and getting drunk to a point where she only noticed that he was “escalating” when he tried to kiss her, was still not a good idea

  11. Yea I get that.

    My issue is the idea that £47 is too much to be there for the wake, when he isn’t experiencing financial troubles. It just feels like a bit of a gut punch when he’s spent much more on much less.

    If he is in grief and hurting then I wish he would say that to me. At no point has he indicated that the death has been naked for him, only supporting me being naked. I will ask him if he’s been having a naked time dealing with this himself.

  12. They actually had this in an episode or a few of Desperate Housewives the roles were just changed. The husband (in this scenario) was the masseuse and he accidentally made women orgasm (he was also blind 😭)

  13. There are 4 billion men on the planet. You don’t have to stick with this one.

    You should feel good when you spend time with your boyfriend, otherwise why do you have one? If it’s just to split the rent, there are roommates out there.

  14. This is not how someone acts when they like you. I want you to think seriously, is he making up for this in other ways? Is he doing the vast majority of the housework? Planning incredible ways that cost nothing but show he loves you?

    Because this is not going to get better.

  15. Don’t bring misogyny over, if the affair partner is a man is just as wrong, they are knowingly inflicting emotional pain on the family, they are taking monetary resources from the family and they are taking time away from the family, yes they didn’t make a vow, but in this case “Sarah” chose to hurt 3 innocent people, two of them children, fuck Sarah and her pathetic husband.

  16. Neither have been hurt yet because neither know, and for now I plan on keeping it that way before I decide on what's best to do. I plan on going on a Date with Daniel to see what he's like as a boyfriend

  17. You snooze, you lose. You strung her along for almost 6 months, she called your bullshit and has moved on.

  18. Maybe I’m just projecting wishful thinking for you, but could that little smiley face at the end of her text possibly mean she would be happy if you were pregnant?

  19. “because he became a better person now.”

    How do you even know that?

    And: a “now better” person may STILL ne harmful to you, your life and your future.


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