Zylah shows her charms for you

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Miss Me ?? sucking+ squirts + fucks + more [2902 tokens remaining]


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One thought on “Zylah shows her charms for you

  1. Stop stating everything as if it's objective fact, you're just making your point weaker. You're also assuming about literally everything in your comment, including that I want to blame OP. What am I blaming her for? Where did I write that? Was it the line “No one is at fault here.”? See, you just seem pull shit out of your ass to support your own agenda of being a white knight. It's pathetic. Also, he didn't even bring it up to her, she stumbled upon his search history and confronted him. He admitted that she felt different to his Ex's and was looking it up but didn't even want to bring it up to her. Theres nothing inherently wrong about being honest about an observation in the difference of bodies. Penis shapes and sizes differ between men, vagina sizes differ between women, much like all other human features. That's not a bad thing. Making a value judgement on an entire person because of assumptions from limited information is pretty shit though. They both enjoy sex together and OP admitted that she's an insecure person but I don't even subscribe to the idea that she's in any wrong. She's in pain because she infers that this observation means she's not enough for him. Therapy would help her not be taken out by the spiralling of others opinions. The only villains I identify in this story are the toxic, resentful and close minded narcissistic dregs in this comment section encouraging her to break up with him because they don't actually give a fuck about helping OP grow through this ordeal, most just seem to want to enact a revenge fantasy vicariously through internet strangers and it's sad to see this simplistic shit everywhere. “Don't read, don't enquire, don't give benefit of the doubt, no compassion, black and white, just assume there's malicious intent everywhere, throw man in the bin, just give me something to hate so I can feel good about meeeeeeee.”


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