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  1. Addiction is a big word to be throwing around. Does he choose to watch porn instead of doing other things? Does he skip work or school in order to watch porn? Would he choose watching porn over having sex with you? If he just watches a lot of porn, it's not necessarily an addiction.

    The main problem might be he is confusing porn for real life sex. Porn is over exaggerated sex. It's not real. Have you asked him why he's not cumming? Is he still enjoying himself? Honestly, if he's enjoying himself, and is okay with not finishing himself, is it really an issue?

    If he's having trouble because he wants you to be more like the women in porn, then it could be a deal breaker. Are you truly willing to for go sex for however much longer you'll be with him? You both need to sit down and have a talk about your sex life. What is he not getting? Can he abstain from masturbating for a short while before having sex with you? Does he feel pressure as well to climax? There's quite a bit to unpack.

  2. My husband covers up the issues unless he's with me.

    But he's also an adult who privately has gotten therapy and learned strategies to deal with overload.


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