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5 thoughts on “Zuky live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. He us showing you who he is…loud and clear.

    He wants you to be his personal toy and is going to do his best to isolate you from everyone else.

    He wants to stop you seeing family and friends and to stop you going out.

    How can you love someone who clearly hates you?

  2. A lot of the time she will be receptive to my feelings and want to talk to me about them, however its incredibly hard to know whether she will talk reasonably or feel attacked and blow up. She can get really emotional and says stuff she doesn't mean (she will backtrack and tell me she didn't mean it the next day sometimes).

  3. Means you are better off letting her solve her problems alone. She needs to work on her own mental health hurdles instead of straining her relationships over nothing. This is likely to continue to be an issue. Right now it’s your ex and your likes to people who don’t matter. Next it’s your family or friends.

    She sounds unhinged and unpleasant.


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