VICTORIA live! sex cams for YOU!

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Goal: Squirt show, ⚠️/ Already wet, come check it out/ LUSH CONTROL 99TKS/ Tip menu active [520 tokens remaining]


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5 thoughts on “VICTORIA live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. I was kinda in shock because I didn’t know what he meant by that

    Basically he means you're trying to “raise the bar” or “move the goalposts”. You were satisfied with what he provided before (not dates), and now suddenly you want dates and you want him to organize them when you're the one who wants them.

  2. Ask her. Calmly.

    But she has an extra burden of physical stress on her body. She needs to feel like you are a source of stability & support, not an obstacle or additional burden.

  3. Do you get therapy for this? It must really be tough with all the self-doubt going through your head.

  4. He sounds very emotionally abusive and manipulative. While you may not realize it now, you just dodged a MASSIVE bullet. Time to start the healing process and move forward! You’re SO YOUNG! I didn’t get engaged until a few weeks before I turned 27.


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