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2 thoughts on “tiffanyhouston

  1. You really must try to listen to the women in these comments. Saying “no” outright is at best, meaningless to many men (not just pick up artists lol) and dangerous at worst. Having lived in major cities most of my life, at 33 I have been hit on by strangers hundreds if not thousands of times. I have NEVER had a man graciously leave me alone when I’ve said no. Most- not some, MOST- get aggressive and frightening when you say no. Even in public spaces where I did feel generally safe. I’m queer and have had men plead, beg, harass and follow me while I am literally hand in hand with another woman, more times than I can count. This isn’t some kind of weird anomaly, this is completely normal to the majority of us.

  2. Uhh, personally I'm on discord servers I wouldn't want my husband to look at. Not because of what I talk about on there but because of what others talk about. And no, it's not about sex.

    I believe that people who talk to me have the right to expect that things stay between them and me and the same thing goes for my husband as well.


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