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2 thoughts on “Tiffanyhouston live sex chats for YOU!

  1. How is it worse? You think it’s better to do something you really don’t want want to do?

    Just tell him you’ve thought about it and you’ve decided that the idea of it was better than the reality of it would be. You really don’t want to watch him having sex with another girl. It would ruin things for you.

    Please don’t let him talk you into this. If he wants to break up with you bc you don’t want to watch him get off with someone else, that tells you a lot about him.

    If he’s incapable of being sexually monogamous, that’s important to know as well.

    You deserve someone who wants you more than they want anyone else. This is not a huge requirement.

    Please don’t do anything that you aren’t 100% excited about doing.


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