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5 thoughts on “tattoobabyy

  1. “Women have it good in society”. What does that mean? Most women, according to data, both work and end up with household chores and management. I'd like to understand what you mean.

  2. The friend with the car should plan better. It’s not your problem there was a long queue.

    We don’t know the background, only this one incident. Hopefully your friends don’t take advantage of your good, generous nature and it’s a two way street.

    Just don’t always be the one helping out.

  3. To start you need to crystallise why you hate her and where it's coming from. Hate isn't an ambient word, there's virtiol in that word. So when these feelings of hate come up, where do they come from? Disinterest I could understand, out of sight, out of mind etc… But actual hate, that requires some hooks to sink into. What are the hooks?


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