Tati live webcams for YOU!

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4 thoughts on “Tati live webcams for YOU!

  1. It depends on maturity levels as well. At a uni level (especially early 20’s) you find many guys don’t want to end up being more than friends because many have had that maturity growth that they see that a boundary has been set and they don’t want to interfere with it. If you are still at High school, many still believe they have a chance with you. It’s complex.

    Also another thing, you find many guys have attention issues, so some sort of female attention can fuck with their brains at times. My suggestion, maintain the boundary constantly so that they understand where they stand.

    You find that if you are in a group of female friends and your group has a group of guy friends, you might be able to form stronger platonic friendships from the guys compared to guys you meet one on one.

    I still maintain that it’s a maturity thing, many guys don’t understand boundaries

  2. She says it was jsut talking, but she lied about that “conversation” even taking place so why wouldn't she lie about what happened.


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