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  1. I think you just need to have an honest conversation with your boyfriend. Everyone has a different timeline that they feel comfortable with in meeting family and parents especially. Everyone’s family is different and everyone has family baggage. You won’t know what your bf is thinking unless you ask him. I realize that you had an expectation but if you haven’t communicated that expectation, he can’t even respond to it (whether in the way you’d prefer or not). I think opening up a dialogue with him would be the first step. If you can’t calmly and nonconfrontationally talk about wanting to meet his family (and leaving room for his side), you have larger communication problems to figure out.

  2. where did you pick up that hilariously stupid idea of morality, seriously that makes less than zero sense

    no wonder they don't want to talk to you you haven't even begun the first steps of taking responsibility for one's actions. “It doesn't make sense!” You keep saying, well, fucking figure it out. Obviously you are refusing to acknowledge some uncomfortable truths.

  3. You’re not reading too much into this. It’s a genuine concern.

    Maybe the two of you don’t even get that far. We can’t know. But what if you do? The fact that he’s thinking about it means it’s a possibility if all works out.

    So to get a dog knowing he’ll have to re-home it if that happens is grossly irresponsible for so many reasons. Even ignoring the obvious, what about now? Are you just not able to bring your kid around ever?

    He’s being absurd.

  4. Id say for you to walk away, if she simply doesn't get it, then start filing a divorce and pack a bag and dont mention it to her until you do, just leave, she's using you as a safety net…that aint right

  5. You’re way too immature to be dating. How big is your ego that you are calling her difficult just because she didn’t break down into a blubbering mess at the sight of you with another woman! My god that’s some self centred egotistical nonsense

  6. Ok there's quite a bit to unpack here, so I'll try to keep it as brief as possible. First thing, No I don't think that your behavior, per this example, is indictive of “a psycho”. Second, As you didn't explain what the fight was about, I'll assume it was over something trivial. With that said, it seems to me that actually your wife's reaction was the one that was way over the top. She seems rather needy (the hugging & cuddling and then wanting chocolate), as well as a little childish (the lady and the tramp thing). However, it is possible that her over the top reaction is actually the by-product of something else that is going on in y'alls lives; ergo, stress has manifested itself in an unusual way. Last, getting back to the whole “Am I a psycho” thing…. I'm not really understanding how you rewinding what y'all were watching and her exclaiming that you are unempathetic have to do with one another? (Actually I thought that was a thoughtful thing to do.) When she went crying and running out of the room, was she expecting you to follow her? And because you didn't, is that why perhaps she is calling you “unempathetic” and “psycho”? You didn't mention how old y'all were, but she seems immature.

  7. I'm absolutely horrible at texting. I'll read a message, reply in my head, put my phone aside for hours, remember the text a few days later. I'm not making excuses for anything – just saying that new guy honestly might not be much of a texter. I have the same insecurity so I feel you ♥

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  9. I’m more concerned about your pedophile boyfriend…. Both of them are creeps preying on a girl too young for them.

  10. You can not get divorced in less than a month. You can't grieve your marriage in a month. You can't be in a healthy place to date 2 weeks after discovering an affair. Your child can't adjust to all of those changes in a month.

    It's not surprising you've rushed into an inappropriate relationship with a woman that doesn't respect you. You need therapy op, as will your child if you keep making bad decisions.

  11. And if you were fertile and still didn’t want kids but he managed to get you pregnant but you were terrified of it and the pregnancy was awful and you died during childbirth would you forgive him for something like that?

    And if you were fertile and still didn’t want kids but he got you pregnant and the pregnancy went well and the baby was born but you felt no love or connection to it, being a mother was hell to you and while struggling with motherhood you kept thinking about how your entire dreams were crushed forever but a drop of cum thru a hole in the condom, and the man turned out to be abusive, he disrespected you again in many other ways, but you couldn’t leave him because of the guilt about leaving your baby or finances, and you were stuck, alone, miserable, for years and years… would you forgive him for something like that?

  12. how did I cheat when he put his hand on my throat and I pushed him off? Me and this person were friends, that hung out and had a friendship prior to things happening. And why would I automatically assume an invitation from a FRIEND, a platonic friend, would be for sex. The boundaries of me being in a relationship with someone was set. I didn’t put myself in a situation to get assaulted, let alone have someone’s hand on my fucking throat. Someone in the military who’s basically trained to fight.

  13. Legally. I'm not on the main house. He's not on the vacation house. Utility bills are split equally. We file taxes separately. Etc.

  14. Am I close-minded on the issue

    I think that's a weird way to phrase it, but yes you're being close minded about how people use their faces to express themselves. It's not rude or disrespectful to have an emotional reaction within yourself. It affects you zero what she does with her eyes, and yes it is a very common and easy way to express frustration and exhaustion.

    I roll my eyes at myself all day, I roll my eyes at Karen's in public, I roll my eyes when my partner does something I've told him 50 thousand times not to do (ie put the junk mail on the first surface he sees instead of the trash), I roll my eyes when my mom is condescending. I roll my eyes to express myself without being verbally confrontational. I roll them for ME! I roll them to take a second and chillllll so I don't cause a problem out of an annoyance, and then I throw the trash away myself or I walk away or I breathe and try and calmly discuss. My facial expressions are not disrespectful.

  15. Than you have validated her point that she has nothing to offer him to stay. She knows he wants kids. He wants kids. Yes there is all of those things there is also the days your kid goes with you to watch your favorite movies. You take your child out for lunch at your favorite steak house. The day you take your son to his first baseball game. The day you take your daughter out for a Saturday afternoon bike ride around a lake.

    You make memories that will last a lifetime because when you are dying on your death bed you aren’t thinking of the spreadsheet that had a V lookup that didn’t work. Or the tax lot of securities that you couldn’t figure out the purchase price. No that’s not what you are remembering. It’s the experiences of those events you shared with your children.

  16. Police first, second share your recording from your coffee shop meeting (in person, with context) with the friends that you’re bothered about.

    And obviously, I’d stay to fuck away from that nutcase!

  17. Truth? Move on. It was only 2 months and in that 2 months, she told you the relationship was too much work. I’m really sorry.

  18. No he gave up not you. This is his failure and it’s naked but accepting it’s over and making plans for you and your daughter moving forward is what’s best for you both.

  19. He can regret it and still be unfit to date or marry a WOC. Imagine the things he says behind her back. As an Indigenous woman, I wouldn’t accept a whiff of racism OR this this type of ignorance. There are plenty of nice white men out there, if that’s what you’re looking for, and lots of them aren’t actively problematic.

  20. RereAd your own post.

    What would you tell your BFF in this situation?

    Drop him and seek individual counseling to determine why your self worth/esteem is so low that you put up with this level of disrespect.

    You deserve to be cherished, respected and loyalty.

  21. I think we can both agree that diet and exercise play a crucial role. My boyfriend doesn’t drink, but he sure loves his fast food and soda.

  22. Tell her u want it. It doesn't matter when she told u anything. So she ll be drinking less and she only has short time to go. It doesn't matter if you love her or not after.

  23. So do you like being a Mommy's Boy or do you want to grow up and have a life? Like being the moderator of a plastidip sub LMFAO

  24. Nothing to clear up. Is there anything that he does exclusively? No job or task that he does because you simply can't or don't like to?

    Like I said, if you can't do this thing for him then I suspect that crux of the issue in the relationship is something deeper.

  25. I don't talk to her like this because she doesn't make random assumptions or name call or call me an idiot without knowing me.

  26. Nah, this ain’t worth it. Labels and exclusivity don’t matter. She clearly has you as a backup in case her ex decides that he doesn’t want to get back with her. Do you really wanna stick around so that you can be second choice? Find someone that wants to make you their first choice and actually who wants to be in a relationship with you and not their ex.

  27. He doesn’t owe you friendship and you have no right to demand nor expect a chance to earn it back. You had your chance, and if he doesn’t want to give you another one, that is 100% HIS prerogative.

    Maybe in time he will cool off and reach out, but the worst thing you can do is try to harangue him into communicating again.

  28. These are imperative years when it comes to growing and becoming who you are. Don’t let that fire be extinguished. Fucking flourish.

  29. That doesn’t feel like a super kind way to express that message. (It’s also not just a few days my period can sometimes last up to a month because of my PCOS) He has a high sex drive too and it’s naked on him because he wants to still have sex but can’t get over the mental block of it.


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