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5 thoughts on “SweetTania4U on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. You end the peoblem by leaving. Simple as that. He did it 2 times. The first should have been the breaking point.

  2. Personally I wouldn’t ask her in person but if you have any contact with her over the phone or social media I’d message her and ask if she wants to go out sometime

  3. This should be on top.

    **None of this has ANYTHING to do with polyamory. It has to do with absentee parenting / child abandonment.

    The problem is not that OP's parents fuck other people. The problem is that OP's parents were too busy fucking other people to be parents to OP.**

    The thing burned into my mind is the image of a kid literally crying on the floor begging for mom to stay with him, and she turns tail and goes off to get laid. And that is FUCKED UP.

    It doesn't matter why she's leaving or where she's going. She's needed more there at home, with her child.

    I think OP is misdirecting his anger. The problem isn't the polyamorous lifestyle, the problem is that his parents apparently didn't want to spend any serious time with him so he got hard potato'd through childhood.

    Based on that I'd say OP is probably right to move on. OP should redirect the anger from polyamory to the real problem, but OP shouldn't just forgive them.


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