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3 thoughts on “Ssunnnyy online sex chats for YOU!

  1. I’ve been married 15 years. The whole damn time we’re more attracted to each other because of the life experiences we’ve been through together. Then I had two kids, still very attracted to each other not any less! In fact even more so. He’s a freaking ass!

  2. Chris Rock said it best in his song “No sex in the champagne room”

    “If You're been dating a [woman] for four months and you haven't met any of her friends? You are not her boyfriend.”

    You are the side piece im afraid 🙁

  3. Wow you’re twisting this into she doesn’t care about me because she won’t work out and look how I want her to look how dare she!! Welp I hope for this girls sake you do dump her because she will be dodging a huge bullet you’re a self centred douche


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