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  1. I was just wondering if this is the first time he has behaved like this with you. I agree with everyone who is saying that you should get to a women's shelter right away.

  2. If he says “just friends” is not okay with him, then you keep contact minimal. Where required by class / job / whatever, but don't go out of your way to talk to him. Essentially, you're like classmate strangers again. He's someone you recognize from class / work but not someone you'd go out of your way to talk to for no reason.

  3. I just don't understand why you don't. My guy and I are always looking out for ways to make each other's lives easier, not because we can't do things for ourselves or because we're trying to prove what great partners we are but because, you know…we like each other.

    I can't imagine him intentionally not opening a door for me because we're not on a date. Being thoughtful of your partner shouldn't be limited to special occasions.

  4. Bro. This isn’t a communication issue, it’s a bodily autonomy issue. She likes what she wears; you don’t get a say. Sure, you say you’d want your girlfriend to consider your opinions – but nothing says she hasn’t considered them. She just isn’t agreeing them; and if by “consider” you mean “do what I want instead of what she wants”, then you’re in for a rough time because clearly this particular girl is not interested in changing the way she dresses to please you. You can either stay and accept it or move on.

    Oh and for what it’s worth, yes you are a hypocrite. You were quite happy to show interest in her as a single woman when she dressed this way but now suddenly because she’s “yours” it’s not ok? She was right to call you out on that my dude.

  5. How does her not being willing to be an awful friend at a wedding mean she didn't want to marry him before this? If someone who I had been dating sends me a dead bird and says “will you be my Valentine”, and I freak out and ask what the hell they were thinking, it doesn't mean that prior to that ridiculous action I was leading them on or didn't want to be with them. It means that some things are right and some are wrong and you don't back the person you love when they do the wrong thing, because then you're compromising who you are as a person.

  6. Its a lot for an inheritance or lump sum that isn't from your normal job. Its not that much if its your life savings after a certain age.

  7. I don't think you're in the wrong for wanting to talk to her about it. If she's not willing to work with you on it, then I say break up with her. It is her choice, but she's in a relationship now and has to think of you, as well and how it comes across.

  8. He lived 10 minutes away. I was always open to dropping by his house, bringing a cup of coffee and having a short chat/hangout and then moving on with my day.

  9. He clearly doesn't care about your feelings, so he can't care too much about you. Stop giving and see how long he sticks around. …Wake up!

  10. overthinking. he was probably just trying to protect you. if yall are gonna go steady, consider going on a testing date!

  11. “there is absolutely no fun in getting hit on when it’s unwarranted. “

    When is it warranted if one is in a committed relationship?

  12. We just broke up last month, and then 3 weeks later after that, I found out that he started to have feelings for her.

  13. It just seems so toxic. I understand the empathy of your partner having been in an abusive relationship and being patient with them, but it just seems excessive. I feel awful saying and thinking that, because abused people need time, care, and compassion. But he doesn't seem to be doing anything to heal or better himself. He seems opposed to even trying.

    I think that's where my empathy for Paul ends. That he's had these issues for 2+ years and hasn't seemed to do anything to fix it.

    I haven't heard anything of what his ex did to him (just that it was a traumatic couple years), so I don't want to behave too callously towards him.

  14. Don’t fight about it anymore – your deal with her is now void. Start liking women you know in bikini’s again –

  15. Two convos is already plenty. Find that puppy a caring home where he'll be treated like the lovely creature he is, and trained properly to turn into a big good boy.

  16. I would love to do that but I feel like it would make things worse I’m just very scared and terrified to be honest with you I’m just stuck

  17. Thanks for asking! I didn't speak to him yesterday but I did text back and forth a few times. I tried to keep my distance. He called me while I was in church and of course I didn't answer. I told him after I got out that I was in church and asked if he needed anything. (he was still very drunk). He said it was the worst Christmas he had ever had because he was so alone and sad. (He has no family, they are all deceased now). I wanted to say very badly that –yeah, I get why you are so alone because you MOVED AWAY from me and out of my city! He has the ability to live anywhere with the business he has….

    In the afternoon he began hateful texts about how I am never there for him when he needs me…and that I have a cruel streak in me…etc.

    I stopped replying and told him I hope he gets help. That his drinking has gotten out of control now and I will always be there if he wants help but that I can't take this emotional abuse any further.

    And this morning? He texted “good morning, gorgeous!”

    It's sad, really.

  18. Feeling like a third wheel caretaker is very common in situations like this where the woman is very you g and gets involved with an older man with kids. And you rightfully should feel like that’s imbalanced, because you’re being put in a position you aren’t ready for.

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  20. Takes courage to admit something like that to yourself. Speaks miles of your character. Also the ability to endure does as well. Cheers friend

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  23. It’s not sisters fault OP had an unplanned pregnancy. Sister has every right not to want to live with a baby.

  24. It's not the case for all relationship but I'd say most of them do require a base level of physical attraction. Some couples don't need it but that's usually a mutual thing and they're both aware and okay with it.

    Honestly, I'd end it. Don't drag this out longer than it needs to.

  25. Okay, if this were me this is what I would do: 1. Contact bf and tell him obviously your relationship is over. I would probably express to him that dating my dad is a terrible idea and I wish he wouldn't, but acknowledge that I can't control their lives. 2. Tell mom everything 3. Sign up for some therapy/counselor to help you with the resulting trust issues and fallout 4. Make a date with dad to discuss this, maybe with above counselor if you don't want to be alone. Or mom for support. 5. Grieve the end of the relationship, rebuild trust with your dad, and maybe stay at your mom's more until you've healed mentally and emotionally. 6. Spend more time yourself, with hobbies, other friends, mom, etc to rebuild confidence.

    Good luck. I'm sorry this happened to you.

  26. Jesus christ, yes dump his arse.

    And to everyone who says “reddit always tells people to leave their partners”.

    It's because its shit like this.

  27. And if he does, then he does. I notice a lot how women are hell bent on not hurting a grown mans feelings. I don't get it. If I were acting in such an embarrassing way and that I'm making a fool of myself, I'd want someone to tell me, therefore I don't do it anymore.

  28. So you've been fwb for over a year? Random hookups? Make it clear now to him because it seems he's ready for more.

  29. The people in this sub really love jumping to conclusions. You have no solid evidence against your husband yet, so I agree with the people suggesting walking back in like you've forgotten something. The nanny cam seems a bit of a strech, considering that is technically “spying” on your husband. Has he ever done anything to make you question your trust for him before?

  30. The case for you, but let’s be real in most situations it’s a telling sign they were seeing each other before the divorce.

  31. OMG I am so so sorry. It's good you trusted your gut feeling that his reaction to your innocent question & secrecy was off. I hope your Mum has removed Julia from her home.

    Be careful with the divorce proceedings. He might try and drag them out and make your life hell because his ego wants you to be 'devastated' over him and still in love with him etc. So he might try to make this 1000× more difficult to get that, so he doesn't feel like he make a mistake etc.

  32. I am so so sorry this has happened to you it must be incredibly traumatic. You’ve done the right thing asking for advice as it shows you know something is wrong. If I’m honest.. run for the fucking hills. If he was unable to ask for your consent or discuss before what sexual things you’d like to do then I guarantee he’s got a lot more going on. You absolutely did the right thing, he violated you. Leave and don’t look back.

  33. I can understand Grandpas disappointment. Remember traditionalists do exist and, to him, this is probably a big issue and he feels their family name will die out (we all like to be able to trace genealogy, right?).

    That said, his reaction is certainly over the top.

    Perhaps give it some time and see if, once cooler heads prevail, he would be willing to sit down and have an actual discussion.

    At the end of the day you only get one family, and the child should have the chance to know their Grandparents, we don't all have that.

    I know its Grandpa that is making this issue right now, but just because it isn't a big deal to you all doesn't mean it isn't to him, so be careful with how harshly you handle it because he is lilely really hurting.

    A good analogy is this, a 6 year old is having a meltdown because they can't find a certain toy. It's not a big deal to Mom and Dad, but to the child it is their reality and a huge issue. Granted that's a child, and Gpa is an adult but the same holds true.

    All that aside, I'm sure once the baby gets here things will change.

    Congratulations on your new addition!

  34. Even if not scented, even if it is an hypoallergenic lotion, it is FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY! If it was an honest mistake, okay, but with his reaction? Dump the loser!

  35. I actually think that this sort of relationship is a tad bit toxic, ngl and I think you both need to actually be able to have a discussion like adults.

    On the actual premise of the question I definitely are in agreement that the xbox is yours and should be able to be traded if you no longer use it, regardless of if it was a gift or where the money came from. Personally after like 4 or 5 years anyway it becomes more of a liability anyway so I don't know why she wants to keep it.

    I also think that your wife has absolutely know idea about the value of things tech related and this is very clear based on her response to the xbox, there is absolutely no way that you'll be able to sell an xbox at anywhere near close to the original purchase price and in most cases it will be the smallest fraction (so much so that it's almost worthless) as new tech is released. So her response that you can sell it in the future is absolutely asinine on its face purely on that fact alone. In fact, there is entire shows about being able to “trade up” because of the fact that trades usually offer way better value than the liquid cost and so I would always advise people to trade stuff with other people as opposed to selling unwanted goods.

    Honestly I think you two need to have a frank and proper discussion and actually discuss what is possible and what isn't, what is beneficial and what isn't, and the pro's and con's for both options. Personally the relationship sounds way too exhausting if it's this hard to decide whether to keep a gifted xbox or not, regardless of the reason.

  36. And what about his body? Does he workout and eat healthy? Does he have a 32″ waist? I'm so sorry you're going through this. I wish you all the best with your babies.

  37. So, OP, if you raped and impregnated, and decided to not abort, your bf would help raise the child? Have you asked him about that scenario?

    Also, does he consider taking a morning-after pill or RU486 to be killingan innocent human?

  38. Wow, making quite a few assumptions about this guy. Why don’t you ask instead of right away accusing him of “not doing a lot of research”.

  39. Better than the alternative of a partner making far less than you and having to bail them out.

    Take is from someone older than you, you *want* a successful partner, it's going to make things so much easier on you if you're not the only earner, not the only person paying for stuff etc.

    Flip this round in your mind, it's a good thing.

  40. If you stay with him, be prepared to accept that he will never change. If you have a kid with him, it will be your second kid cos he is your first.

  41. I think the first thing you should do is go to a tattoo parlour and get “Welcome” tattooed n you from your forehead down your entire body. Then go and buy her as many gifts as you can afford and put them at her door and then you just lie in front of it like the doormat you are

    Are you fucking crazy? Why are you asking what to do?

  42. I don’t see that it’s a big deal. If u were older maybe but I don’t think there is anything wrong with the ages

  43. Not only is he almost definitely cheating, but with those kind of funds being sent to her, I would worry there is a baby on the way.

    Get a PI. You need as much proof as possible so that the judge is on your side when your guys inevitably divorce. I’m so sorry. That must be heartbreaking. But keep your wits about you. Don’t let your emotions run the game because you may lose a lot in the aftermath.

  44. I would be fine with it. If you were actively making porn while we were hooking up then I would want to know before hand. Having some old videos out there that were made before me, with an ex, wouldn't really be that big of a deal. Maybe some more conservative men would be upset by that, so if he is then maybe be more up front about it.

  45. Whenever it came to his emotions, he never said anything until we were at the point of ending things or after that. When I suggested the break he agreed, but later on (when he wanted to end things) I found that he didn't want to take a break even though I told him my needs weren't being met. I probably would've decided against it if we could've worked on a solution but he didn't tell me, so I didn't know. I did try to discuss him shutting me out, I told him all he did was talk to me when he was felt like it and how much it hurt but all he said was that he was sorry and it must've been frustrating. I tried to be understanding because he told me he trauma and found it difficult to open up about his feelings. That's why I thought giving him some space and time would help.

    I've been trying to get back into my hobbies, hanging out with my family more, possibly getting a job much closer to home and will eventually be going back to school too! It's been slow progress but hopefully if I can get a new job closer to home I'll be able to get back into my hobbies more.

    This entire situation has been very overwhelming these past few weeks if I'm being honest. A small part of me wants to wait it out and see if he'll actually visit but another part, the more rational part just wants to save myself the disappointment and end things. Either way I'll probably try to get into therapy since this has taken a larger toll on me than I originally thought. Honestly, thank you for the kind and genuine advice. I really do appreciate it!

  46. Thank you!!! I’m going to download that app and record it myself. Strangely it’s not every night according to him but I’m tired of this argument which in turn just makes my day sad and gloomy

  47. Woman of 38 years here. I would be weirded out. As in, I would feel almost… violated? Stalked? Like someone stared at me for hours and drew several pictures of me without me knowing… that would freak me out and I would wonder if you're obsessed or a stalker. It would make me stay far, far away from you.

    If you two were close friends, it would be different. But with your absolute lack of interactions, this is hella creepy.

  48. I would absolutely not give my abusive and neglectful mother my eggs to create a baby regardless of her age. You made the right call

  49. You did the right thing. He wouldn't have ever told you the truth if you hadn't otherwise found out. He cheated and will cheat again. Tell Samantha she can have his lying, cheating ass

  50. Become busy. Don't you have other people to see? Other places to be? The whole “Today” thing is weird.

  51. You can decide what you can convince yourself.

    I know I won't be long lasting or happy with a woman who says she's been texting a man for years and erases everything.

    I wouldn't believe the words of a lying woman, the man could be nearby and have been seeing them regularly for years

    Deleting messages shows that you care about her relationship, not me.

  52. Dude, its over. Do not fucking agree to something that is going to make you feel this way. You have to put yourself first sometimes instead of just thinking of her. She wanted ti have sex with a girl behind your back, thats called cheating. I wouldn’t be with a girl who tried doing that to me. Its all fucked man, just don’t go through with it and keep yourself happy, and that means not being with her anymore.

  53. Anything is possible – I'm not a wizard that knows all. Just saying it doesn't seem likely to me. And if all else is still great in the relationship, probably just something random happening.

  54. You're right, telling them to get over it wouldn't solve anything, but, like, what else can you even say to such nonsense? OP's wife is making a huge deal out of literally nothing.

  55. I don't really understand what you're saying, sorry – that I should've asked my boyfriend first? I did speak to him before I even thought about arranging anything, but I told him that chances are I'd have to arrange it for a Friday or Saturday (he works nearly every Fri and Sat because his bar is only open thurs-saturday) since it was most fair on everybody I wanted to invite. More people will be free at weekends, especially where I work

  56. I totally agree with you, this is totally the case for us and i came to accept that some time ago, but we would always find a way for things to work out for the both of us and this never happened before. I can see that hes just exhausted and probably mentally not okay, but hes not really the type to be open about these things so im trying to be there for him. Its just not enough for me to see each other once a week🤷🏼‍♀️ i hope things will change around once i confront him more🙁 Anyways thank you for the comment!

  57. Some people just need to recognize that things are always colors and rainbows in the beginning but time will remain the true test in any relationship.

    Way too soon

  58. I don’t mean him leaving – I mean if he is living separate to you, you are effectively going to the the primary parent by default. If the kids get sick and can’t go to nursery/school – you lose a day of work, if the kids are in bed and you realise you need to get something from the shop – you can’t, who’s going to be responsible for all of household chores – you, homework – you. I won’t list more but you get the picture – this is all while doing a demanding job. You will be fully responsible for everything and him nothing. He won’t a traditional relationship with them as he won’t be there.

  59. I don’t mean him leaving – I mean if he is living separate to you, you are effectively going to the the primary parent by default. If the kids get sick and can’t go to nursery/school – you lose a day of work, if the kids are in bed and you realise you need to get something from the shop – you can’t, who’s going to be responsible for all of household chores – you, homework – you. I won’t list more but you get the picture – this is all while doing a demanding job. You will be fully responsible for everything and him nothing. He won’t a traditional relationship with them as he won’t be there.

  60. I chose my cat over my ex husband. I will choose my cat over anyone. I saved her life and she has saved mine. no remorse. you did the right thing 100%

  61. It can be healthy to ask for space.

    Asking for space is open and honest communication.

    Based on OP's comment in response to this the dude ought to know what he did, he was incredibly inconsiderate.

    Asking for space in order to think/process complicated feelings is not emotional manipulation, get all the way out of here with that.

  62. He was the one who asked me out, I wanted to take thinsg slow as I was also in a relationship not so long before him, wasn't as serious tho, But I just added an edit to the post stating that in evey way except this he's perfect to me, he may not have been in the past but this is the only issue for me but it just drives me crazy I don't wanna come second to a girl who he claims to not like anymore, also I asked if he had nudes on his phone and he said he wasn't sure and that I was welcome to check and delete any, this was not a secret and I genuinely was just looking for an old photo of him not even looking for nudes

  63. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    I posted earlier but received no advice so I'll be more detailed this time around. As Above said she met him on a game and they played for a while then got off and she crawled into bed with me with him on the phone. Everything was good we were all joking around and then he starts saying “your bf sounds like a sub” and im like whatever and said a joke to respond to it and he says “thats what a sub would say” and did this again later he then asks her ” does my voice sound soothing?” And I give her a look like that was weird.

    He proceeded to tell her not once, not twice, but three different times that she can fall asleep to the sound of his voice and she told him twice that he needed to go to bed (he'd been up for 2 days because he just got out of a toxic relationship is what my fiance says) but his response Everytime was “I'm not going to bed until you do” and then she started to fall asleep with him on the phone.

    At this point I lost my cool and gave her a face that says I'm upset and kinda huffed really loudly and she let him go and asked what's up and I told her I was uncomfortable with what just happened and she said that he was just a friend going through a rough time and got upset and said she felt like i don't trust her and her other live friends and that i interrupt her gaming sessions unless its with her gay friend( i don't even know who she is on discord with usually).

    Then told me she wanted to go to to bed and I told her that if she wanted to question my trust in her and go to bed she could sleep on the couch (I didn't follow through with that) but where we are at now is she still thinks it was a friendly interaction with a friend that needs help, I think it was a creep hitting on my fiance.

  64. Never expect to get back money you give out… Aka if it's not in your budget, don't give people money you need for you.

    Like that amount wouldn't be worth pursuing in small claims court… All you can do is periodically remind and not give them money again.

  65. You have grass is greener syndrome. Instead of being grateful for what you have, you are afraid you're missing out on someone better. You're wondering if you could find something better than what you have. The answer is surely no, but you think since you went to the gym and “worked on yourself”, you could get “better.” If you dump her, you won't find better, and you will regret it. You got very lucky finding a good one so quickly. If you knew what was really in the dating pool, you'd realize how good yoy have it.

  66. Cause you know damn well you tell a broad that they’re judging you and rightfully so as it is a bit grotesque

  67. I believe one of the most popular items of clothing for role play is schoolgirl uniform. Our species is genetically conditioned that we are at our most fertile at this age and culturally conditioned that school uniform is representative and also that representative “innocence” counts. So teen porn is one of the most popular categories in the industry as well as for folks at home doing role play. BUT.. we all know that the girls can be of any age but just happen to have youthful features. And millions of folks watch it without even contemplating chasing down real people in this age bracket. I'm guessing he stopped because he realised this would upset you.

  68. The other he has as single with pictures of me but from years ago. Had the nerve to tell me he did that because his toxic family told him to put single.

    He's 30? Why is he listening to his family on personal matters like this?

    Look at his actions, he is displaying himself as single, in social media.

    If you want to end the relationship, do so, but don't retaliate with comments about his body.

  69. If he does not want to change his last name, she will not force him too

    Really? Bet you ten bucks she'll guilt the shit out of him until he caves, and then act like it was totally his choice.

  70. Your fear of her bailing is not an “irrational fear”. She has done it before and will do it again. Do not marry this person.

  71. She is not your responsibility, full stop. The guilt-tripping is really unhealthy, even if you guys are close. I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but have you looked into therapy to deal with your guilt?

  72. It it definitely an insult but definitely a dick move to follow you when you said you needed space. Though as another comment said sometimes people can act like a child depending on the context we don’t know if you were being unreasonable. Either way I feel like he should have left you alone to calm down to have a reasonable discussion.

  73. You are gonna end up feeling like a caregiver OP. Not getting any emotional support and eventually no financial help either.

    If you guys were to live together ud be completely responsible for her. Financially ul be paying rent and food and that's gonna weigh tf out of u.

    I've done this as a woman and the difference was my husband who was my bf at tht time was cut at work and was desperately trying to find another while still studying. When u have a partner that is giving their all to support u and ur dreams and dreams with u. This is easy to do.

    In your case… how does tht future look to u.. if you guys happened to have kids ul be responsible for her, a househole and children.

    Like the previous commenter said u cannot help anyone that won't help themselves. At some point you are gonna start resenting her. U should be focusing on school. Also congratulations on that too!

    No babysitting your adult gf. Mental health is a struggle i get. Bipolar chick right here. Had to distract myself from mental breakdowns while teaching a class because u gta keep going.. and actually want to get help.

    Her making u feel like ur feelings are less than hers and being frankly manipulative by saying u shld just stop caring if it's too very hot for her is not okay.

    You seem like a good guy but u cannot set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.

  74. Buy some good toothpaste and buy him a new toothbrush and say…well the dentist says to replace your toothbrush every six months…and take it from there

  75. You're spot on, though we have driven/ridden the train to see each other in person. And I've done the same thing after ending a relationship. She texted me again saying she wants to talk and work through it. At this point she's not ready and I think it's best if I let her go

  76. If you were here without other context saying that she went from lovey to nothing, and when asked she either acted like you were crazy and there's no problem or just told you it's not a big deal and nothing more, then I'd absolutely confirm that you might have something to worry about.

    The context of her wanting to have real conversations changes that. If all you two did was go back and forth with compliments and statement of love, at some point it starts to get watered down and lose meaning. As an example to keep it simple, it's like: you – I love you baby. Her – I love you too. An hour later, you – I love you. Her – I love you too. An hour later, you – I love you. Her (in her head) – Jesus Christ man, I know you love me and I love you too. Enough already.

    See what I'm saying? To be clear, I'm absolutely not saying to stop saying these things. People absolutely want to hear these things in healthy relationships. Anecdotally, I'm a guy and I'm happily married. My wife loves hearing compliments and me randomly telling her I love her through text (and in person). So I absolutely do so out of the blue sometimes and it gives her a smile every time. Why? Because it means something.

  77. The person who issues the invite is who typically pays. The exception is if it's pre-arranged that everyone is going Dutch. That said, she hasn't invited your in-laws and she hasn't asked you if you want to include them. With the dinner being just two days away, that's your big hint that she doesn't want to be responsible for their bill. Have a separate celebration with your in-laws if they want to celebrate your achievement.

  78. He is bullshitting you and making you feel responsible by saying he did it for you. He did it for himself because he has a gambling problem. He either starts addressing his issue or you leave. Or you just leave now since he's proven that he's a liar that can't be trusted. Do not marry this man!

  79. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

    Alll of the flags. Way too young to be dealing with a insecure person THAT also breaks ur property and thinks it's acceptable.

    Breaking up over a poster sounds crazy yes but honestly it's not even that its the:

    Have told her you need her to respect your boundaries and she spat at that basically And Breaking your property while you are out and being smug about it.

    She sounds hella insecure and if she can't take a damn picture on the wall lol ur gonna have a hard time walking past any female, having a conversation with anyone asking u for directions or classmates and u better not even look at a female barista.

    Run my dude!

  80. Idk what goes on in his phone. He might be. Idk if I would care bc at the end of the day he bought me a ring

  81. I work for a care level 4 outreach program that specifically focuses on getting resources to people who are outwardly aggressive/choose to be unhoused/choose to be on drugs/generally display strong antisocial behaviors.

    I…. I know what personality disorders do.

  82. A degree carries exactly zero value if you aren't taking advantage of it. You could have gotten a higher paying job had you done relevant part time work during university, had an internship, or done better during classes. Instead you're making the same amount as kids who have taken a semester of wrb design classes.

    I went to one of the top STEM schools in the US. I studied liberal arts and worked my ass off as much as the STEM majors I was friends with. They were all making as much as you are now when they were still in school, and this was like 15 years ago in a state that followed the national minimum wage laws.

    My guess is that you either aren't very good at what you do so you can't pull in a higher SALARY or you're unmotivated and don't care to.

    Good luck when she wakes up and moved on from you.

  83. It's the original perspective, but just another of the many that have appeared through its history of usage.

    There's value in knowing the origins of something, there's also value in understanding new views. The latter are potentially richer, more relevant interpretations.

    That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

    It not the original perspective of that moment, it's the second iteration, but this one matters most. Let's not be snobs about knowing some trivia.

  84. Women have got to stop saying “he is good overall except….”, their excepts are wayyyyyyy worse than they think they are. The exceptions should in itself be a country which has red flag as it’s national flag!

  85. At this point, she's actively avoiding spending time with you and that doesn't bode well for the future of the relationship.

    She's 27 years old, she knows what she's doing. If you were a priority and she gave a shit, she'd want to spend time with you.

  86. He already answered that they weren't together at the moment.

    But no matter how it was. He can't prove that he never did abutting with this other girl.

  87. Do not leave your home, she's the one who is causing the issues. I'd definitely get a lawyer and I'd also have a conversation with her on her return.

  88. I am going to get voted down but I am going to advise keeping your mouth shut. I just don't see the benefit of killing her relationship for the satisfaction of the morality police.

    The thing you don't see now is the burden this is going to place on you to keep her secret. You will see the bf again and have to keep quiet.

  89. Bro, she's going to be making more than $14/hr when she graduates. Stop pushing your insecurities on her and man up. Take care of your home, your girlfriend, and your life. If you don't want a higher paying job, you just have to contribute more. Or get a higher paying job and your girlfriend won't feel as used. Because you are using her.

  90. I think accusing him of “manipulating the situation” is a bit harsh. It sounds like he’s just trying to explain his POV.

    However, that woman is being RIDICULOUSLY inappropriate. If he won’t say something to her, can you talk to her privately about it? It seems like she’s clearly trying to interest your bf.

  91. Yeah i completely agree that’s why i told him about what i’m uncomfortable knowing and what i want to know etc. So that he knows not to accidentally hurt me. Yeah that’s also reason to why i don’t want an exclusive relationship, no matter the nature of the situation you can’t possess the other person, you can’t stop them from finding someone else, that’s part of the game. I’d rather be in a situation where i completely accept that possibility and also allow myself to have the option to fall in love w someone else by seeing other people rather than give my all and get nothing in return. I feel like me having multiple “lovers” helps me to not project too much onto one particular lover. It helps me stay balanced in my relationships.

  92. How long have you 2 been together and how long has it been long distance? This maybe a 1 off if he hasn't given other red flag behavior. I would certainly find it suspicious (but I trust nobody and that's just who I am). I would look at past behaviors, maybe even contact that woman and see why she would find him if he didn't know her, that would have taken some effort on her part to find out who he was. And who does that if they know he is in a committed relationship. If what he said was true “in my culture we add everyone” why wasn't she already added they attended the same party so they must know mutual people. Idk I'd go crazy wondering (again that is me). I would just say, I don't play those sneaky, behind your back, games. If you want to play them find another gaming partner. I am not the one. Save me time and money if this is who you are at your core and we can end it.

  93. There is such a thing as two people just being tactilely incompatible. If you're a big toucher and she hates that you two are probably never going to both be satisfied in the relationship. So you need to stop patting yourself on the back for not raping her and then probably end this and go find someone else.

  94. Where's your logic in thinking you should introduce him now specifically because your mom saw a hard? What were you waiting for in “meaning to introduce” him at any other time?

    Next, what does your mom mean by a “guy like him?”

  95. In my early 20's I was in a terrible relationship and was getting beat all the time, the final straw for me was being spat at in the face. I don't know why but for me that was so much worse than all the bruises and bumps, it was completely violating, that's how it felt. What I'm going to say to you is that things like this don't stop, this is actually just the beginning. If you stay she will do it again because you would have shown her that she can do something truly disgusting to you and you stayed. I know you love her but you have to love yourself more.

  96. Seems like your insecure. But it happens a lot when you are young. Its okay to feel the way you do, but insecurities will just eat you up inside. Hopefully as you get older and fingers crossed you are with this person a long time, you'll build up a good trust level with them which make the insecurities go away.

    I've been with my partners nearly 6 years and my past relationships made me insecure. My current partners also has a lot of male friends which I didn't like the thought of or understand when we first started dating. As time went on and our relationship grew, I knew I could trust her and it was just my insecurities causing my mind to run wild.

    It also helps to get to know the people who are insecure about, understanding there relationship will help you get over what your feeling.

  97. Ok seems like trauma over what happened to him at school. Sobbing about it and all. Was it the first time you talked about having kids? That's a weird thing to be adamant about and he refuses to talk about it so I'm sure there's something really wrong.

    Do not agree to something like this, ever! You don't know how your kids will turn out. You need co-parenting in every part of their lives.

  98. It's gross that he's treating you like an object. You are a human being. He could have bragged about how great you are, how you make him feel, he could have introduced you to his friends if he was proud of being your boyfriend.

    He didn't. He lied about you having enormous boobs…to impress his friends. And now he wants you to take down any pictures that don't support his claims… I guess he was planning on never having you meet his friends, since that would obviously reveal his lies.

  99. It’s humiliating enough that this happened, and the fact that your boyfriend didn’t have your back makes it so much worse.

    As another commenter posted, his friends aren’t going anywhere. This incident will be brought up and laughed over by them again and again (BF included).

    Please don’t stick around for that.

  100. You can see why the seasoned trolls just create endless new throwaway accounts, hides their actions better…used to be a way to look up all the deleted posts of people, made it so much more hilarious when you confront the trolls with posts from their own account. Not sure why that GitHub site ended.

  101. If you’re willing to change, realise that she’s stuck it out with you for 10 years because she likes your company and cares about you as a friend etc then she will welcome a message from you apologising.

    I recommend apologising first and then explaining. Not excusing, explaining. Not in a way that forces her to reassure you. Keep it simple.

    I would start with, hey “x” I have done some feeling thinking and realised “x” I am really sorry for the way I have treated you, I had some deep insecurities about myself and I took that out on you. You don’t need to say anything immediately or even at all, I just want you to know that I have taken the time to think things through. If at some point you want to start over I will always be there as you’re really important to me and i can see where I should have done better and will in the future”

    Something like that. I also recommend some form of therapy. Shit childhoods fuck us up and trust me you want to get your noggin sorted in your 20’s so you have more in the future. 🙂

  102. Same. 50 year old male and have been to dozens of weddings. Never knew this and honestly don’t remember what anyone was wearing at any of the ones I attended. Except my wife at our wedding.

  103. Oh, so he’s cheating. Yes, this relationship needs to be over. He’s paying for content despite you saying you were uncomfortable with that, that’s more than just looking at porn.

    He will move onto the physical act soon if he hasn’t already.

  104. Oh, so he’s cheating. Yes, this relationship needs to be over. He’s paying for content despite you saying you were uncomfortable with that, that’s more than just looking at porn.

    He will move onto the physical act soon if he hasn’t already.

  105. Stop wasting your time. He’s been clear he doesn’t see you as a gf. Of COURSE he is going to keep seeing you if your going to sleep with him. Why would he put in the effort and commitment of being in a relationship if you are going to give him all the good bits without demanding more?

    I truly don’t mean to be unkind, you sound lovely, I can’t imagine you’ll have any issues finding someone who VALUES you and doesn’t need to be harrasssd into making a commitment he doesn’t want. Know your worth and don’t accept anything less. I’m an old lady now and I see so many girls in this exact situation.

    If he was going to fall in love with you then he’d have no hesitation. It may be that you calling off everything other than friendship prompts him to realise what he’s missing but don’t do it because of that, do it for your self respect and confidence.

    You don’t need a man to be whole. Be too proud to beg. Stick to your guns. No relationship = no sex/gf experience. I wish someone had been as brutal with me when I was younger.

    You are clearly smart, kind, expressive and caring. There are men out there who will LOVE you and treat you accordingly. He isn’t one of them.

  106. I spoke to him about it he said cause he’s stressed with work we don’t have sex that often and he feels once a week is good enough with the stress he has. I said is it because a low libido or do you watch too much porn but he gave me the stress reason so I really don’t know now

  107. LMAO I said the same thing about the wisdom teeth, but I just realized…I did have an organ removed (gall bladder, minor, but still) and was handling my business myself that same day. Come onnnnnn

  108. Smells like projecting and unfair punishment. You did nothing wrong you were just goofing around. Weren't there already some red flags before? How long have you been together?

  109. The ultimatum WAS the best thing to do. The relationship is over if he goes, even without the ultimatum he is choosing his friends (and this girl) over your feelings. You shouldn’t need to give an ultimatum- if he really loves you he wouldn’t be going. But the ultimatum has revealed the truth – he doesn’t love you enough to cancel a holiday. So the relationship is over already unless he changes his mind and doesn’t go. All that is left now is for you to start getting over him and getting on with your life.

    If I was you I’d tell him it’s over right now, before he goes. That may shock him out of any belief that you didn’t mean what you said. Maybe it will change his mind and he won’t go, but I doubt it.

  110. “Yeah. Look, you aren’t invited this time because you don’t respect my relationship and it’s bad enough she can’t be here.” – what the inconsiderate BF should have said the the trifling “friend.”

  111. When people make unreasonable requests of us, we do not have to comply. It’s ok to say to him “I care about you but I cannot be there for you 24/7. If that’s not ok with you, then unfortunately we need to split up so you can find a gf who gives you what you want.”

    If you keep going down this road, very soon you won’t have any friends/interests/hobbies left outside of him.

    Honestly no one can be there for someone 24/7 and it wouldn’t be healthy if they tried. But don’t bother trying to convince him of that. Arguing about what’s normal or healthy is a pointless distraction. Just tell him that you cannot/will not do what he is asking. Then follow through with what you said and start making time for yourself again. You are not his emotional support animal.

  112. She hiding things man.

    Take a look at her phone and messages with this guy to determine if you need to probe further or hire a PI before lawyering up.

  113. I know she can’t change her career, I just expected her to at least listen to where I was coming from instead of just walking out on me.

  114. Yeah, if I was his girlfriend I would rather not know. Just like I’d rather not know explicit details of my boyfriends past relationships or sexual encounters in general. I’d even argue to say it’s selfish to confess to something like this to “absolve guilt” or some sort of messed up self fulfilling prophecy to implode an otherwise good relationship.

  115. Lmao congratulations on finding a good one. Just because you’ve got a great one doesn’t mean everyone does.

    There is tons of literature out on it now, and quite a few stories from people who took it on their doctor’s recommendation and ended up with serious issues.

    Also, OP says further down that her bf offered to help her wean off and she took him up on it. She’s a grown woman, she made a choice. Doesn’t sound like her BF pressured her or threatened her or gave her an ultimatum.

    If I knew someone I cared about was using antihistamines every day I’d give them the same warning.

    Obviously the man isn’t a shining beacon of medical knowledge, as evidenced by his gallon of chocolate milk every night. But even a broken clock is right twice a day, and OP doesn’t sound too bright herself.

  116. Exactly. And I would advise anyone faced with appealing a disability determination to consult with an attorney. What the insurers are not required to tell you and what most people do not know is that the evidentiary record closes when the insurer decides your appeal. That means (with some exceptions) no new evidence can be introduced in litigation if you have to sue the insurer. The court will make a decision based on the information before the insurer at the time it made its appeal decision.

    Many people get pressured to file an appeal by the insurance company and their appeal is often little more than a letter saying “I disagree, I’m clearly disabled, please reconsider.” The insurer then denies the appeal saying you didn’t provide any new medical evidence. You’re then in court with your short letter against the medical report of a hired gun doctor who supports the insurer’s denial of benefits. In that situation, it’s much harder for an attorney to help you salvage the claim. I frequently have to turn down potential clients in this situation because they’ve effectively destroyed the value of their claim.

    I also firmly believe that insurers are more aggressive with claimants who appeal without representation.

    TLDR: hire an attorney to help you appeal. You may regret appealing on your own.

  117. The best part of a relationship is learning new things about yourself

    The only important things to keep an eye on are red flags and your boundaries.

  118. Pharmacy technician here, but the ratio split would be something like 6 tablets for 30 days (edit : with health insurance ). I see that one often. Thre is also goodrx. Maybe look into if the pharmacy has some kind of savings card.

    Edit : that ~$1400 you speak of is the cash price.

  119. As far as I’m aware Type 2 diabetes can be managed with diet, it’s reversible. She’s either not following the diet properly or at all. I’m not sure diabetes can be misdiagnosed either. Sit her down & have a discussion about it.

  120. But he did.

    He told her he was uncomfortable, he said he was embarrassed, he said he was hurt. He told OP this more than once, in fact he told OP this right after the fact, when he stopped and told her to get off him.

    Swap OP and the BF around and everyone would be saying that she clearly expressed her feelings and he should leave her alone until she is ready.

  121. I myself am 24F and have had some problems with maintaining chores after a long day or when I’m tired so here are some tips I have with these, even just with chores in general 1. I follow a 20/10 rule, or a 30/15 rule. Clean for 20 minutes. Break for 10. Clean for another 20, rest for another 10. It prevents my burn out and if I set times on my phone to keep me in line it’s effective

    If it takes less than 2 minutes, don’t procrastinate it. If you know you need to take the trash out and you’re already on the way out, don’t think “ah I’m in a hurry I’ll do it later when I get home” just take it and do it.

    Try to do a general cleaning each night. I’m talking just basic, take dishes to the sink, clothes to the hamper, any trash to the bin. Takes about 5 minutes and prevents things from piling up.

    Also, tell your mom that you realize how you’ve effected her and that you want to be better. Maybe ask her if there’s anything in particular she would like to see. I think it’s great that you are able to realize that you’re acting wrong and it’s good you’re seeking out advice on how to implement changes

  122. He is indeed a grown man— so grown, in fact, that he isn't really your peer.

    If you aren't ready for the trials of middle-aged penises, life will be much easier sticking with your peers

    He's embarrassed, and he knows this happens a lot less often to younger guys, so any insecurity he had about feeling old is also now exaggerated by this embarrassment, and it's all very, very personal for him, so you need to give him the space and time to work through it on his own.

    That said, he may decide he's too embarrassed to try again, and nothing you can say is likely to really help that, unfortunately.

  123. what do i say to him to make him aware hes being an asshole without him shutting me down? well, we've been together for a while but lately, this has happened twice ever since I moved in a few months ago. but now im not sure I made the right choice and i want to go back home. just hard at the moment cause I finish nursing school in two months and have sooo much going on in my life that doesnt include him.

  124. He is in pain as much as she is. While he probably tried to support his wife, her silence hurt him. I think it's horrible what he said, but could it be a cry for help? We always think of the mother in those situations, never of the dad.


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