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4 thoughts on “Sofie Cakes

  1. As a musician myself, I feel like I can offer some input into this. There is a lot more to musician than just playing gigs. There is practice/rehearsal, booking, marketing, merchandizing, etc. And I know I'm forgetting things. Now add in the fact that he also teaches. So, all the behind the scenes work for a teacher as well. There really isn't time for a 9-5.

    Not only that, but you always knew he was a musician, right? Why are you asking a person whom you've been with for 5 years to change a core part of who they are? Being a musician isn't some cute little hobby that you have until you “figure out what you really want to do.” It's not just your absolute favorite thing to do. It's who you are. And when a person decides to finally take the plunge and do it full time, it's a big deal.

    Now, let's consider this. You make $75k. He makes $26k. If he were not with you, he'd be living a different lifestyle and I feel like he'd still be ok. I personally do about the same. I don't teach, but I bartend when gigs are sparse. I also live! in a fairly expensive city. I make my bills and still have some money to spare most of the time. Whatever that means to you. My point being; maybe you could budget a little bit to start mitigating money into savings. Maybe you could see where you're living above your means or his means. I'm not sure.

    But maybe this goes beyond just financial things. Maybe there is resentment beyond him not making as much money as you. You need to explore why you suddenly are willing to leave a person that you love over reasons that haven't seemed to be an issue before. Or has it always been an issue and you're just now heeding it? If it's about needing more help with chores and stuff, talk to him and find a way to collaborate more. If you really love him and he is willing to find a solution with you, then do that. If he isn't, then that's another story.

  2. Constructive criticism: stop. You’re 21, emotionally involved with your boyfriend, and drawing conclusions partially based on “my natural sense of psychology”. You cannot make a proper and accurate diagnosis.

    Kindly, you sound like all students of psychology who are not yet (and far from) being professionals. Frankly, that’s insufferable.

    You need to issue a sincere apology and let him go. You also need to discuss what you did with your therapist (I’m assuming you have one as it is typical that those who provide therapy also have therapists). There is a reason why family members or SOs do not treat other family members or SOs.

    This is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.


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