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3 thoughts on “sharonmurray

  1. I think you’re missing the point, or didn’t read the whole post.

    Not once from the month of August until December did my partner ask us to spend intimate sexual time live, no flirty texts, nothing. I brought this to his attention. I told him how it is making me feel, and explicitly told him exactly what things he can do for me and with me to help me feel good again. He didn’t do any of them. I then find out he has been visiting pornographic websites daily, which implies his excuses for our lack of a sexual relationship were also a lie. I think I’m allowed to be hurt if my partner lies to me to this extent, it’s not that unreasonable to think.

  2. Well, true but they’re related. If he understood it was truly mom or dad he’d have picked non abuser over abuser. Hopefully. But he thought OP would be willing to sacrifice herself and her well-being and act as a buffer in case the (imo inevitable) occurs where ex takes out his anger on losing OP on the kid.

  3. if you plan on having kids, i wouldn’t move here. shitty underfunded education system and horrible horrible healthcare even with “good” insurance. no work life balance for parents either, it’s extremely fast paced here


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