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weekend fun….let s cum…control the toy for snapchat…XOXOXO


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  1. It's not always about love. She said she lives far away so it might have just been a lot easier to organize it with people who are close.

  2. Ok so watching a girl get completely very hot and getting fucked is completely different than a guy just watching me dance and shake my ass a little with like a bikini on?

  3. Think about what you just said. You're already at a point where you think to yourself that it would be weird to have him around your friends because of the age gap and the fact that they'd have nothing in common yet you're the same age as your friends. If there wasn't any part of you that didn't think it was weird or abnormal to be dating this guy then you would almost certainly have no reservations about him being around your friends. I think you're already realizing what's going on.

  4. You're a hypocrit. I have met parents with disabled kids who regret having kids as they are worried no one will take care of them after theyre gone. Of course they cannot openly say this to their family. They suffer from constant depression, stress, and anxiety.

    For you to sit here on your high horse and say that their struggles are not real is an injustice. It's fine to cry on about your childless agenda but to diminish someone else's struggles is just again disingenuous.

  5. I mean, relationships change over the course of time. I started out monogamous and then things had husband and I considering and eventually becoming open. However that was something we came up with together, went the therapy for a third opinion, and took years of discussion before we even got close to other partners.

    It sounds like your girlfriend had someone else she was already emotionally at least connecting with and wanted to see if she could have both. This is sadly how most people come at open relationships and is completely wrong. Now she’s regretting it and crying trying to get you back. That’s of course not taking in the possibility of physical cheating (sounds she was at least emotionally doing so already).

    You have every right to end the relationship whenever you feel like it for any reason. You found her behavior and request suspect (as honestly anyone would) and that damage the trust you had in her. No relationship will survive without trust so better to just cut it off and move on. People can think what they want but it’s your feelings and self in the end and you don’t feel you can trust her. You don’t need anymore reason then that to dump her.

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  7. That's enough to get you out the door, so I guessing your husband doesn't really want to move. Bear in mind, you can always leave. If nothing else, call a family law attorney just to talk. They can help you figure out options. Now that you are working, there is a path out for you if you want to take it alone.

  8. If it's a sibling test, unless you've done a DNA test on your kids with your wife, how would you know which ones aren't yours if they're not related?

  9. You are right again I agree, just makes me wonder why he still kinda keeps me around though like sending me funny videos and stuff here and there. Guess you won’t know the answer to that though haha

  10. It can be. Like I said before, I can be a lot of pressure on someone if you're sobbing over someone you JUST started dating possibly going abroad. I know I would wonder if they'd be able to spend time on their own without freaking out

  11. So you take a small step back.

    Let her direct the relationship for the next few weeks/months.

    See if she puts in the effort and energy that you do, and that you expect from a partner. If she does, then keep going and hopefully it’s not too long before she says it to you.

    If not, then ask her straight out how she sees the relationship going, as you noticed that she’s not 100% there for it. And depending on how she replies, will tell you if you want to continue it.

  12. You don't get through to her, ultimately, you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. She's going to have to hit her own head against that wall and suffer the consequences for herself, you've done more than enough to try and help prevent that.

  13. If you really want to hurt his feelings, just tell him that you're leaving him for the other guy. Don't cheat, your husband probably wouldn't care anyways and it's unfair to the other guy to use him like that. Tell your husband you found someone else, that's the best “revenge”

  14. It's absolutely divorce level bs. You should have never married her. I am sure it was obvious earlier as well. Better correct your mistake.

  15. Was originally planning on 4 and now we’re 2 years in with the first and done ? I never realized what an incredible cosmic gamble pregnancy and birth was, and I don’t want to risk my health or a more complicated future. I love my son, but neither my husband or I is a “baby person” so the first 2 years have been tough. Now that we can interact and talk with him, it’s all worth it and I’m excited to see him keep growing.

  16. And some people are like males can’t have female friends because they want to sleep with them too so what’s your piont

  17. Opening a relationship when you already have someone in mind, and never intending your partner to date other people, is him just looking for permission to cheat.

    Never take this man back.

  18. Seems about right. Maybe I need it beat into me from Reddit. I keep thinking things will change b

  19. I doubt he thinks you don't know. If you broke up with your wife, it's pretty easy to put two and two together.

  20. Yeah. My housemate has recently just got a new gf and honestly I feel pretty abandoned by him. Sped up by that.

    I don’t like drugs. But all my friends have started doing them at events and on nights on. The last 3 girls i dated did. I don’t like them but don’t get why everyone seems to do them now


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