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3 thoughts on “SabrinaParis

  1. I would just say, “Thanks for the heads up”. Then decide if you want to be in baby’s life, if no don’t worry about it. If yes, then make sure you’re on the birth certificate or get paternity test and prove it in court. Then with your rights you can have whoever around the baby/kid you want. It’s not just her baby. I wouldn’t worry a bit about it.

  2. Thankyou for your advice! You’re completely right. Omission is as good as lying to me and then he lied straight to my face when I asked him.

    I texted him this then blocked him:

    Ok well it explains a lot. I’m looking for a long term relationship I don’t do one night stands or just hook ups or whatever. Hope you get your shit together for the sake of the baby and your lovely looking wife, sounds like you’re not the one to be trusted tbh.

    The OLD thing – numbers game … I’m put off for now gunna have an edible and hang with my real friends for a bit!


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