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13 thoughts on “pretty-babes

  1. I think the comment is about entertaining him, not being courteous. don't try to have a conversation, but just be quick with him if for some reason he does speak to you.

  2. Some people are naturally introverted or have social anxiety, this is perfectly normal. When bringing up a sensitive topic start out by saying something like “can I talk to you for a minute?” or “Can I ask you something” or even better “Do you mind if I ask you something?”

    Don't start with your own thoughts – listen to their opinions. Ask what she wants.

    Offer choices wherever possible – explain the options and discuss them to help her decide.

    If you're worried, try not to criticize but instead express your concerns.

    Encourage her to get out of her comfort zone but don't force her…

    Hope that helps 🙂

  3. I don’t know how to take this and feel like I’m just a side piece.

    Do you know how dumb you sound? Do you pitch a fit like a 2 year old every time she's in proximity to another male?

  4. Your husband is abusive. Everything you described is abuse. He sabotaged your education so you would be forced to rely on him. He cut you off from your relationship so you wouldn't have any outside support. He's trying to sabotage your career so you don't have any money or means to escape. You are not bad wife, he is a horrifically shitty and abusive person. Run away. Hey help. Divorce him.

  5. I know Venezuela isn't the best country to be in right now, but does she still have family there to fall back on? Could you offer her a plane ticket home if the alternative is homelessness

  6. But it wasn’t the fact she sniffed that bothered me lol I probably would of done it with her if she didn’t hide it. But that’s exactly my point. Why did she hide it sneakily and lie about it? What else is she lying about and hiding ?

  7. Well I can see this I can also see maybe she doesn’t want the comments to just be a flood of “red flag leave her” but idk


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