Powergirl Gwen

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7 thoughts on “Powergirl Gwen

  1. You asked him AFTER he finished? Depending on where he 'finished', I wouldn't blame him. But before? Dude should step up to the plate, especially if he finishes a little quickly.

  2. Have you told him that while you love him and being with him that this is important to you and can not on-line without. You are considering leaving because of this?

  3. First and foremost, you need therapy dude. You need to gain a self esteem that will have you recognizing toxicity and leaving when nothing changes. You are kind to give her multiple chances, but you weren't giving her chances to change. You were enabling her to keep doing what she's doing bc why would she change when there are zero consequences for her. People only change when they're so uncomfortable the option is change, usually. You need to go to therapy and get the tools and confidence to set boundaries and stick to them. She's a horrible person for cheating and taking advantage of your kindness. But quite frankly you shouldn't be so desperate for love that you overlook the blaring red flags staring you in the face in order not to be alone or continue to see someone as you wish they were instead of who they really are. Once you gain that self esteem, those tools, and learn how to set boundaries and follow through when something is not in line with your truth and what you want for your life, you'll be less likely to deal with something like this again. Her behavior is not your fault though. Cancel her membership and tell her she doesn't like it find a different gym.

  4. He's really the problem here. You need to teach him the whole, “Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” thought process so he can learn to think before he speaks.

    People say a lot of things to their family they'd never say to anyone else. Just like if you stick around and become close to them, you'd never tell them what Dan told you because it would be unnecessary and unkind.

    His family probably has no clue he's telling you, the new girl, about the thoughts they're sharing. They'll have an accurate picture of you soon enough and realize their immediate thoughts were wrong.

    So…try not to think about it too hard, and just be yourself.

  5. I haven't told him every single thing but I have told him the worst things and told him as much detail as I can handle, he has even said that he used to want to cave my exes head in because of what has happened and what I have told him. He is fully aware of the kind of person he is and what he has done. I've offered myself as the alternative person and asked that he educate me on how to debate properly and he refused. He's also said he finds it fun to debate with my ex as he has very anti-socialism views. Mine and my partners views are pretty much the same but there are things we disagree with.

  6. oh look, more passing the blame!

    You fucked her husband & you should tell her so she can protect herself. But you won't because you're selfish and gross.


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