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4 thoughts on “Nika

  1. So, he doesn't want any of the things that you want. He doesn't want to get a job or contribute in any meaningful way. What are you getting out of this relationship?

    Leave. Leave right now. Don't waste any more time on him.

  2. so this is a decision/opinion unique to every individual. some people are okay with their partner watching porn. some people even watch it together. others don't like the idea and they abstain. whatever you decide is your personal boundary.

    also — just for some clarification. is he addicted ?

    another thing — have you two ever talked about porn in the past ? like has he blatantly lied, or has he just been hiding it ?

    either way it's gotta be addressed, but imo those things determine how the conversation should go from your end.

  3. She was very angry at me for leaving

    She was angry at OP for leaving? I mean yeah she was 15, but what high horse does she get to be casting moral judgements from ffs? SHE KEPT THE TRUTH FROM HER SISTER. Family like that are no family at all.


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