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10 thoughts on “newlisa2018

  1. Jesus christ, yes dump his arse.

    And to everyone who says “reddit always tells people to leave their partners”.

    It's because its shit like this.

  2. It definitely sounds like something's up with this dude. I mean, it's weird that he switched from texting to Snapchat all of a sudden, and then he's acting all weird about hooking up with you. And the whole “not feeling 100%” thing when you saw his car was gone, that's sketchy as hell.

    It's possible that he's seeing someone else and he's feeling guilty about it. Like you said, he's hooked up with you while he's had a girlfriend in the past, so it's definitely not out of character for him to cheat. And if he is seeing someone else, he might be trying to be secretive about it and that's why he's acting all weird.

    Or maybe he's just not that into you anymore and he's just trying to let you down easy. But honestly, based on what you're saying, it sounds like he's hiding something. I'd definitely keep an eye out and see what else happens. But at the same time, don't let this dude stress you out too much, you deserve better. Keep it casual, and if he starts acting shady, just bail.

  3. My daughter has this. Like she sniffs everything and has to hold her hands away from her body if they smell wrong. She is especially obsessed with the smell of her hands. Do you have any advice for dealing with this? I am afraid she is going to develop a hand washing compulsion. (She has autism). Why is autism connected with smelling things more strongly?

  4. It doesnt just benefit men. I liked the attention. We are not victims. But i agree its not my thing anymore, id rather be respected than seek attention.

  5. You are allowed to back out of being in a wedding party. Just be honest and say you had already committed to another wedding before she told you her date

  6. Ok so to be clear i was very exclusive with my husband after 3 days. I was engaged after 18.

    That said I’m not sure what to say here. Because truthfully flirting and sex are very different to me. And we clearly agreed not to talk to anyone else from the app we met on.

    You weren’t in a relationship even according to you, she didn’t have sex with anyone else but you are still upset about flirting that doesn’t sound like it broke stated boundaries.

    And it seems like you all have done this twice already.

    I would personally end it and be more clear in the future. But I can’t understand locking someone down like that and not being in a relationship at the same time.

  7. Where's your logic in thinking you should introduce him now specifically because your mom saw a hot? What were you waiting for in “meaning to introduce” him at any other time?

    Next, what does your mom mean by a “guy like him?”


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