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4 thoughts on “Nataliehall online sex chats for YOU!

  1. The one flaw in an otherwise pleasant relationship is your girlfriend. If only there was some way to get of this flaw!

    Read what you wrote and pretend your friend is talking about their girlfriend. Would you want your friend to stay with someone like this? She's judgmental, violent and homophobic. Being nice sometimes doesn't make up for that.

  2. She sounds awesome to me!

    My partner is like that ( in other ways), sexuality is important to her (and I) and not having shame around it is important too. It’s baked into her personality, appreciate it or don’t, but don’t try to change her.

    The one thing I would say is, we all need to know the time and place for these things. All of the incidents listed sound like the appropriate setting except the family dinner. We have to be able to conduct business and other public interactions in a SFW manner when needed.

  3. She’s being unreasonable and frankly, kind of selfish. She wasn’t even thinking about the x box or selling it until you had this opportunity. Make the trade.

  4. Please break up with her. She's the sicko here. What grown adult thinks this about a disabled person getting help? Who's supposed to clean her if you're not there?????? Why do some people have such a problem with men being care takers?


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