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Welcome to my room, enjoy my show, make me happy and nude [2029 tokens remaining]

3 thoughts on “natalieclark

  1. So let’s say your mom bounces within five minutes of your husband walking in the door: is he going to do the things your mom does? Is there a reason she feels the need to hang out? Because if I saw my daughter who is the primary breadwinner coming home and having to handle all the chores and cooking I’d think “shit I should hang out” too. I’m not making assumptions but simply asking. Because your husband understands that by telling mom to hit the road it means losing that extra help. That help that allows him to “hang out” and chill. If he’s cool doing what she does then great.

    As far as your mom: it’s possible that no matter how kindly you ask her to please leave within X amount of time of one of you arriving home to relieve her that she’s going to feel hurt or embarrassed. You can’t control her reaction. All you can do is treat her with respect and kindness and appreciation for what she does.

  2. I don’t understand why you can’t keep him in your life without him being your husband ? Is there something i’m missing? Why can’t he just be your best friend so that you two can actually have romantic relationships? This just doesn’t make sense. You are never going to have the relationship you want if you keep this own the way it it.


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