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6 thoughts on “Natalieclark on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Ok, post for advice and then sarcastically reject it.

    You're “not a quitter”, lol. So you put up with his chronic lying then? Hopefully, you're asking on reddit, so you're dissatisfied with his behavior. Why is this not a dealbreaker? And it doesn't sound as if it's improving any. I would be insisting on him going to therapy if I were going to stay.

  2. The fact that she won't give up her affair partner turned friend is a huge red flag. If she had truly changed her ways and really cared about you and your trust in her, she would cut out everything from that part of her life. People here are giving you solid advice, but you don't seem to want to take it.

    Whatever hold she has over you won't be so charming after she inevitably cheats on you. You can't say you weren't warned.

  3. Tons of jobs have stigma. Go on the date and find out for yourself. This was bad advice from your friends.

  4. Sit him down and tell him you feel disrespected when he uses those words while having sex and you do not want him to use them. This is your boundary, and he can keep his porn addicted mind thoughts to himself.

    Tell him if he does it again, you will stop allowing him to degrade you.

  5. When you take the stupid road, you end up with stupid prizes. So much could have been avoided by just talking.

    You owe your wife the truth, you also owe her the truth about her friend. If you think you can trust the friend to keep this a secret, you're playing stupid games again. The moment she feels neglected, insecure, or just plan being deceitful talk. And, then where will you be? Worse off than you are today.

    Don't be a fool and put your future in someone else's hands.


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