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44 thoughts on “Mulattomamii online webcams for YOU!

  1. Oh wow, OP, I'm so sorry that happened to you.

    I…have really no idea what else to say. I can't fathom what his thought process was or just, I'm…befuddled.

  2. I have to agree with you. McDonald’s and other fast food places come off as cheap and immature for a first date if you’re a grown adult. I’d want to make a good impression. It doesn’t have to be a five star restaurant but not a grease pit either.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your break up. It sounds like you made a difficult but necessary decision to end things with your ex-boyfriend. What he did with his sister is not only illegal, but it is also deeply disturbing and unacceptable. It's understandable that you are feeling upset and betrayed. It's important to remember that you did the right thing by putting your own well-being and happiness first and ending the relationship. It may be nude, but try to focus on taking care of yourself and moving forward. It's okay to feel upset, but don't beat yourself up over the situation. You did what was best for you, and that's all that matters.

  4. It's not cheating if at one point he said that it would be fine if she slept with a woman. The people in the relationship define what cheating means.

  5. There's no such thing as cheating and lying 11 years ago. He lied to her every day. Every day she thought he was a faithful man and he let her believe it, was a new lie.

  6. Your next step is to move on … the more you stay , the more you’ll get hurt .. as a man here saying once they cheat will always be cheating .

  7. Don’t you just love how people are underestimating how much more manipulative and conniving women compared to men can be when it comes to making false reports?

  8. His attitude is unhealthy. You are looking for emotional support. That is normal and healthy to seek and expect in a partner.

    You won’t find it with him though.

  9. You must do what you feel is best to do. Neither of you can move on while in the house together.

    Idk if it is right to bring up here but if you not able to give birth is the only real problem am i the only person here thinking why not consider adopting or finding a surrogate carrier or any other solution before breaking up?

    Anyway you are hurt by the breakup and you should. Personally I would look for the quickest way to get out of there and have your own space again since things will likely sour soon.

    All I can really offer to help you is a ear to bounce ideas off and share frustrations with knowing that it will remain confidential since I neither know you or anyone you know. So feel free to dm me if you think it might help you.

  10. If you truly feel any love for her, break up now. Tell her you don’t see yourself married to her. She’s still young and can find someone who will want kids and all. You have to be conscious of the fact that women have an expiration for having kids and if she wants them she needs time to find the right partner, develop a relationship and have kids.

    It’s totally fine not to want to marry her, but It’s selfish to grab onto someone because there’s nothing better at the moment. Set her free and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time too. You’re heading for breakup anyway but it’s better to do it now than in 5 years when the result will be infinitely worse

  11. Man, I got a very sensitive nose too, if there’s a scent I can’t stand, I will sniff out the whole apartment, sometimes just a few sniffs and I know where it comes from. But I will never complain to my partner about his body odor to the point that I’m telling him what to put on. Some smells can really make me nauseous, puke or even give me terrible migraines. He’s micro managing until he gets full control.

  12. 23 to 18 is an fairly honest borderline age as long as he isn't dating exclusively because of the age. Easy to travel in the same circles casually.

    But it certainly is impossible to respect after given behavior.

  13. You can do better than him.

    Do you really want a relationship where, not even 6 months in, you're turning to Reddit for advice on how to handle toxic behaviour? OP, I think you already know the answer you're looking for.

    He sounds like the kind of guy who won't let someone break up with him too easily. Just remember that you have the right to end things. You do not owe him an explanation, closure or your sympathies.

    Good luck.

  14. You said you also have young children, do you have custody of them? Would she also be caring for your children? In which case I could see her moving to part time to help with after school activities, meal preparation, grocery shopping and cleaning.

  15. If you were feeling charitable you'd say atonement. But you could equally say he'd never have felt happy living alone in a place that was their home.

  16. Why do you care? You asked, she said no, you move on. That’s life, most people have been rejected at least once in their life it’s just something that happens. She’s not interested so why worry about how she views your reaction?

  17. The fact she claims to be a temple of Satan follower when they don't even believe in magic ? the CHURCH of Satan believes in the existence of magic. Satanism isn't even about satanic worship, neither the satanic temple nor we followers of the church of Satan believe nor recognize the existence of Satan. Were literally all atheists. Satan is a representation of biblical sin. Not a dude we worship. Ol girl didn't even bother to read the website or the texts before making it her whole personality. Church of Satan follower for 15 years, only satanic tattoo is in red in and almost completely invisible and in the bikini line because my pentagram had personal meaning. Getting a bat tattoo or a witches broom makes you a weirdo tiktok loving wannabe.

  18. Turn the airtag in to the police, tell them you are being stalked. Check your home for hidden cameras. If it is your boyfriend tracking you, dump him.

  19. You don't want to leave your husband for the sake of your son? You should leave your husband for the sake of your son.

    Your husband has probably been pushing your boundaries for years that you have got to the point that you would still even consider staying with him after seriously lying to you and trickle truthing (you know you still don't have the full story, right? He will continue to lie about whatever he can get away with).

    You will be teaching your son that your husband's behaviour is okay (do you want him to treat his future partners like that?) and/or being treated the way you are being treated by your husband is okay if you stay. It's absolutely not (do you want your son to be treated like garbage in future relationships?). Do yourself and your son a favor and break the cycle. Teach your son that being treated like shit is unacceptable. You are worth more than this.

  20. Relationship advice, right?… promis you this comes from a place of compassion and experience with heavy drug use…

    Stop fucking with people doing drugs and getting fucked up. Cut it out your life.

    You took your child (whos a passenger in your body) into an environment where people were doing coke and smoking weed and tripping.

    Husband isn't ready to grow up either. Doesn't need to be doing acid unless he's got 30 grand in the bank. Quit fucking with him, reevaluate your relationship with him, but most importantly yourself…

  21. We’re pretty open, and he mentioned recently that he doesn’t care to watch porn much but I’m sure he still does. Not sure how often. Although, I have been in a relationship with someone who over watched/pleased himself way too much and I don’t feel like this situation is the same. I plan to tell him I just have massive anxiety so I have to build the courage.

  22. Glad it worked out. I read the first post. However, this update is ehhh, in the sense that I notice when people do updates, they always try to “correct” a “misconception” when that's not what they said originally.

    Now you're saying she doesn't blurt out about her sex past, but that's exactly what you made it sound like. And I still don't understand how her sharing this would “light up” any conversation. Why is she going this in depth about her life? I don't see why any average person would find this interesting.

    Then she's gonna keep it for people who ask? Who is going to ask this directly? What does her “hoe” (using this word from your prior post) phase have to do with her accomplishments? Honestly, this still makes no sense, but this is your relationship. It sounds like she just wants to keep talking about it & I don't know why. It's so strange to me.

  23. I really appreciate this comment. And the time you took to write it. I just couldn’t bear to live without him, I am so so attached and I’m in love. And in regards to me searching for that male validation via flirting, it makes me feel so bad, like I’ve betrayed him. Do I also tell him this?

  24. just like ‘hey, I’m going to get this and this haircut, I just wanted to let you know beforehand!’

    it’s not asking for permission since you’re just telling them 🙂


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