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4 thoughts on “Misssophiex live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. You need to tell your mother ASAP and then step back and let your parents figure it out between themselves.

    Your father is a lying cheating AH who deserves every moment of the epic fallout he’s about to get.

    Your mother is also an AH, for stipulating such conditions as ignoring a child that didn’t ask to be born, even if her pain is understandable.

    Your parents made horrible choices, and will likely continue making them. But it’s heinous to keep the cheating and lying from your mom now that you know about it.

  2. She's 36 and can drive herself there and back. If she wants to take the class then she's responsible for her transportation. Why is she suddenly expecting this of you? I'm assuming she drives herself to work and home and anywhere else she wants or needs to go.

    Smashing your Lego set is bad and an extreme reaction to the situation. I'm a woman and I get the whole safety thing, but that doesn't mean she can't drive herself.

  3. You can be a good, involved parent WITHOUT being in a relationship. I wouldn’t want to “work it out for the baby” if it wouldn’t have worked out otherwise. That’s a recipe for resentment and a messy breakup years later.


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