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PVT ON pretip 100! hard 5 min 166tkns!tip 7 if u like me!


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13 thoughts on “mili-moon

  1. Nope that's not the norm, that's just an awful human. But unless he's told that his behaviour is what is getting him no follow up dates, he'll keep doing it

  2. That's the risk of waiting to check sexual compatibility after marriage.

    Maybe she agrees to marriage counseling to find out if there's a way to get the attraction back. But if it doesn't come back, this marriage won't work :/

  3. I feel bad for any person that you pressure into doing something sexually or otherwise that they do not want. Please do not date anyone ever.

  4. We have talked about our previous sex lives, I’ve had a threesome in the past but it was with people I didn’t have any emotional connection with and it was just sex, I would never want to have a threesome with someone I actually care about. That’s why she was shocked.

  5. Not your problem so, stay the hell out of it. She is a cheater who has shown you she takes no responsibilty for her life or actions. Ignore the manipulative “friend” that is enabling her.

    You don't love her. You love those fleeting moments she acted like a proper partner. Cut your losses, lose the dead weight you call friends, and learn to never date anyone who has anything close to her issues or reminds you of her in anyway.

    “People” like her are just blackholes that suck all the life, energy, and happiness out of anyone who is dumb enough to get close. The only thing you should feel guilty or concerned about is that you are/were attracted to a human hefty bag.

  6. leave

    clearly this person does have trust issues and needs constant validation

    how despicable and manipulative! scary!

  7. A library is the least relaxing environment and they don't tend to open in the evenings in Ireland. And the weather is terrible for going to parks.


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