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3 thoughts on “Mili-moon online sex cams for YOU!

  1. This is something my partner and I have struggled with as well (currently 9 years). We're still improving our sex life.

    One thing that I can elaborate on as being on the other end: sex drive is my opponent as well. It can feel like it's very strongly steering my mind towards sex, and I don't want to pressure my partner.

    We've discussed this at length and even though the concept is alien to her, she understands better and better. She still cannot accurately estimate how I feel and vice versa, but there's much less frustration.

    One thing I would advise: stop having sex with him if you don't want it. It should leave him with a bad aftertaste as well. His body won, but his mind feels dirty.

    The important thing is that his needs are important to you. You cannot consciously control your sex drive, but you can experiment together on what might trigger it. As long as he accepts any outcome.

    You can also see if you can compromise by providing him with alternative ways to orgasm that do not involve intercourse.

    On his end he'll have to agree to stop doing anything that makes you feel pushed and he should accept that having sex while you're not in the mood will stop.

    On your end you will put in some effort to see if you can improve your sex drive and perhaps give his downstairs area some attention every once in a while.

    For me the biggest torture was my brain leading me to recognise every possible opportunity for sex and being constantly let down. Hopefully he can now hope without being let down as often and hopefully you will feel more free at other moments.

    Don't take my words as absolute truth, but I hope you find in them something that may help.

  2. You're incompatible. You want monogomy(?) and she wants an open-relationship. You don't have to say yes just because she's your partner. Nobody's holding a chain around your neck. If it were me, I'd cut my losses and break it off here.

  3. Shoot him a text and leave, take pics of all the evidence

    Send it to him say

    ” you are disgusting, I don't want to hear any BS that comes out of your mouth, I will not be here when you return do not contact me or come near me again, you want to act like a singleton congratulations, you are now free to do what you please, carry on going out fu#king till your dick falls off”

    Pack and and leave. If he tries to contact you after text block him everywhere if he attempts to come to you apartment call the police


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