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19 thoughts on “Midnight-Madi live! webcams for YOU!

  1. Sounds like D has more than friendly feelings for you, OP. Not fair to H if you continue the friendship with D.

  2. I would tell her that her life is being run by her parents.

    While the culture, caste, and arrange marriage is a day-to-day thing in India, she lives in the US. She is never going to go back to India. She has to live her life and make her own decisions and her own mistakes.

    Nobody gives a fuck about caste in the US (unless you end up in a big tech company and sidelined because of Indians who decide to use caste system in the US, but I'm deviating) because being from a caste does not give you any higher social status and it doesn't put you in a more wealthy position.

    Your friend discriminated against her ex-BF because of his caste, which is very disgusting. Is this who she wants to be as a person?

    On top of that, I find this hilarious (?):

    his parents, well respected in-laws with good network in India,

    Who cares that they have connections in India? She lives in the US.

    Your friend letting her parents make marriage decisions based on a lot of categories that are irrelevant in the US. Not just that, this guy sounds like an AH and then she is not going to be able to get a divorce because her parents will say she won't get one.

    She is almost 30. My final advice would be to break up with the dude and go low contact or no contact with her parents. She also needs therapy.

  3. So what does a FERPA release actually do? it looks like its about personal information.

    Can you stay with your Dad given your mum & step dad are… a bit nuts? I'm guessing their is a financial incentive in it for them?

    Because if it really was complicated and difficult to navigate they should sit you down and SHOW you how it works…

    Good luck.

  4. A calendar?? Ugh no lol. Yeah i don’t understand this man at all. You guys aren’t on the same level of gift giving at all.

    Idk, I’d just take it as a lesson for next time. I hope he makes you happy in other ways

  5. Just tell her that you find her for some reason incredibly arousing in that costume and ask her if she will wear it and have sex with you.

    I wouldn't specifically say that you find women in sumo costumes a big kink.

    Keep it personal about her.

  6. Its baffled me that you and your bf are going to end a friendship for such stupid shit, of your friendship can end like this it was no friendship at all. Not sure if this is a girl thing but i can't imagine two male friends ending their friendship over some stupid shit like this

  7. This reads like a 12 year olds conversation not two 24 grown ass adults, full on billy madison vibes everyone here is now dumber….

  8. Thanks! Do you think it correlates to being able to cheat if they could have a threesome? I don’t want to live in fear – but then again the next guy could say he doesn’t want one even though he could cheat or does want one.

  9. YOU did nothing wrong! Your pos husband, and that witch did! They manipulated both you, and the witch's husband into a situation neither of you really wanted to be in to begin with when all either of them really cared about was fucking each other “without it being cheating”. If your husband really loved you, first he would have told that witch to fuck off as soon as she asked, but he's a pos so he didn't. All he thought about was his own dick. If he really loved you, he would have realized you were uncomfortable, stopped everything immediately, took you, and got you the fuck out of there instead of being so focused on getting his dick wet with that witch. If your husband really loved you he would be ripping that witch apart for the shit she is doing to you now. He would also be blocking her from contacting either of you. Your husband is not butt hurt because he realized he didn't like it when another man touches you, but instead of owning up to it, he's being a dick to you instead because. Well because at the end of the day he's a self centered asshole who only thinks of his needs, and wants, not how they effect other people.

    The witch is pissed because she wasn't the center of her husband, AND your husband's attention. She's jealous that you weren't completely thrown to the side by both guys. She never wanted you included to begin with. She just wanted an excuse to fuck your husband without “cheating” on her husband.

    My advise, tell her to fuck off, forward all the shit she's saying to her husband so he can see for himself what she's doing then block her. As far as your husband, I think you know. He's shown you just how little you mean to him based on the above I listed out for you. Stop sleeping with him, get your stuff in order, and divorce him. You'll be faced with this crap again if you let his lack of respect, and love for you to continue. Before you asked, no you didn't do this for nothing. You did this to finally see your husband for the selfish ass he really is. I'm sorry.

  10. Your husband stole from you and the coworker is in possession of stolen property! File a police report and file for divorce. He obviously has no regard for your needs, emotions or boundaries. Stealing a spouses most precious companion and most valuable possession is 100% a deal-breaker. In the eyes of the law it doesn't matter if the cat Is a reincarnation or your best friend. Cats are legally property.

  11. That she doesn't want to block him is a red flag.

    Either she's keeping her options open or she likes this kind of attention. Not saying she's going to cheat on you, but she's not exactly showing care, compassion and respect toward you and your relationship.

  12. It can, actually. When the threshold for HWE is met. Generally, the standard is 'severe and pervasive,' but one incident can potentially be severe enough to meet the definition.

    But this is not HWE. That has a very specific legal definition that this incident – repulsive as it is – does not meet.


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