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6 thoughts on “mia-rendon

  1. He’s still insecure. The misogynistic persona is just a new mask for his insecurity. He needs to feel better than women to feel any sense of worth. Pretty gross. I would just block him on everything if I was you. What’s stopping you? It’s not your responsibility to teach this man morals or be a free therapist.

  2. I would send him a final message, give him a chance to talk to you and tell him if he doesn’t respond you’ll have to assume it’s over. Very immature of him to end it by ghosting you. Send the message if you don’t get a reply. It’s time to move on.

    No matter what’s going on in somebody’s life they should have the decency to communicate the situation to you.

  3. He told me he doesn't mind and that it seems silly to breakup now over our nonexistent children.

    Not to be crude OP but if you guys are intimate, no matter what BC methods you are using, there is always a chance you'll get pregnant and have to deal with this sooner.

    Plus what about the emotional investment? Because if you guys can't ever agree (and it seems pretty plain that the 'compromise' would be you giving in, even with setting boundaries), then it's a waste of time and heartbreak if you fall in love instead of now when it's just limerance.

  4. Like they say relationships are like farts, if you have to force it then it's probably shi*. You shouldn't have to prove anything if he doesn't trust you he never will. He's showing a major lack of trust thats on him not you


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