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  1. Yes i get it but there's a practical aspect to it as my body can't have kids like mens for many years to come.

    I would rather scare him off now than later.

    Also the first thing I noticed on our first day was him waving and pulling faces to a little kid. I am more excited about dogs myself ?. But i know i will 90% want kids in the next 2 years once i have done work on me.

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  3. Please take a deep breath. She didn't say the word rape. She said she would feel pressured. That's a person who is sleep deprived and possibly going through post partum depression not choosing their words well. Please give her some benefit of the doubt.

    You guys need to talk. It's possible she's touched out or not confident in her body any more. It's possible she's deeply depressed. The whole dead bedroom phenomenon post baby is very common and I think you may need to apologize to her about being impatient. You've both gone through a ton of changes and it takes time to find your way back to something like normal. Try to be more understanding with each other. Maybe find an initial happy medium like cuddling to get some of the romance back.

    Maybe consider couples counseling too. It seems like you guys need to work on communication. But please don't leap to breaking up.


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