Lilii Moon H

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11 thoughts on “Lilii Moon H

  1. Yeah. Not everyone has a mental illness. In this case it's literally his mother and him allowing her to be a bitch to his wife. I bet she's been a bitch to everyone he's dated. Every gf was competition. My late mil was the same way. Total bitch to me and my former sister-in-law. We were competition. We took her sons away from her.

  2. No offense but someone that jealous is really not worth the effort. If he's doing this at 3 months the chances are he'll just get more possessive after you sink more time into this.

  3. She acts surprised when I get upset about it

    She goes on to say she didn’t think I would get this upset

    This is what really raised my eyebrows. She'd have to be either braindead or completely lacking all empathy to think you wouldn't be upset. She sounds incredibly selfish and thoughtless. She straight up told you she wants her cake and to eat it too. If that doesn't scream 'selfish', I don't know what does. Everyone knows proposing a threesome to your partner has the potential to cause upset. Pretending otherwise is just her being self-serving.

    This is dead in the water. She's not going to let this go and will coerce and manipulate you into going along with it.

  4. It depends on what he did. Is he in jail for a crime like theft or is he in jail because he is violent or threatening? I feel like bailing someone out for like, stealing, is a little different than bailing out the guy who held up people at gun point, ya know? Obviously both are concerning, but I doubt I would ever bail out someone in jail for a violent crime and then let them stay with me. It's putting me in danger.

  5. Let me get this straight sex was taken off for a little while, then when it's back on the table he takes it off?

  6. This right here. Not justifying the act in any way but what were the words that came out of your mouth right before that? and what was the argument about?

  7. She’s entitled to end the relationship for any reason, no matter how good or bad. You have to accept that, reflect on what you’ve identified about yourself and relationships, and then take the learning from that forwards.

    It’s possible for a person be toxic/ controlling while trying to deal with things, such as if they were brought up repeatedly, in an aggressive manner, had to be discussed on your terms alone, etc. Not saying that’s the case here, but something to consider.

    It’s a bit hard to unpack some of what you’ve said, including where you reference rules. I’m also not sure about how you’ve worded the “dating to marry” bit. Feelings are important in a relationship and it’s not a case that once you start dating someone you’re obligated to stick with them if you’re serious about marriage unless something really bad happens, even if the feelings just aren’t there. That just sounds like a recipe for a lot of misery and divorce.


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