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im love “control her”


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23 thoughts on “LeksyWest online sex chats for YOU!

  1. Why haven’t you blocked him? If he continues to harass you don’t engage and just contact the police.

  2. He’s in a frat. Have you never seen a movie with hazing in it. If spanking is the worst thing that happens be happy. If you have an issue with such then maybe you need to look for someone that’s not just a sheep and follows blindly.

  3. If he was a good boyfriend he would be supportive of your career and your goals. He should be your cheerleader not be sabotaging you.

  4. So, you are saying that you have no control over where you stick your dick? Use a condom or stop having unprotected sex! FFS!

    Biology lesson – anytime you have sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex, even using protection, you risk pregnancy. Obviously the risk increases when said intercourse is unprotected.

  5. Like we are super close but my viewpoint is he wouldn't be in my life if we weren't together cuz it would hurt me too much. But I do tell him almost everything. But if it's girl stuff or drama stuff I just tell my friends cuz I know they'll understand better

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  7. Idk, rebounding with someone 10 years younger than you isn’t the most mature thing I’ve ever seen.

  8. The great thing about being an adult is the ability to be direct and not play games.

    Just ask him if he'd like to get coffee sometime. If he's available and interested he'll say yes. If he isn't, he'll tell you and you can say ok and that's it. You don't have to over complicate this.

  9. Right? She's 22 and acts like a 14 year old entitled brat who doesn't understand how things can be different for people with different Constitution and taking care of them isn't just about sexual stuff.

  10. Regardless of how tightly you control his social media, if he's going to cheat on you, he's going to cheat on you. No amount of control will keep him from cheating.

  11. I agree. Divorce rate with doctors is extremely high. Add two and the odds are greatly against you. It doesn’t sound like she will cut ties with her parents either. She might be working extra to stay away from home, but don’t expect her to reduce her hours when you’re married. If you’re not sure -don’t. Postpone. It’s easier than divorcing

  12. Not married, not together even a year, you haven't said if you would be putting in for the deposit, and you wouldn't be taking out the loan. Frankly, in what universe would it be a wise decision for him to put you on the contract?

  13. Seems more and more people are starting affairs in the workplace. Hannah’s and other work mates appear to not think infidelity is a issue. Why would you want to be around that kind of behavior? Would you trust Hannah not to hit on your BF? IMHO, keep some distance from your workplace friends it can and has affected people’s careers. Do something with your BF and friends instead.

  14. Irresponsible people don't just “learn it from their partner”, they learn how to take advantage of their partner.

    He grew up with parents doing everything for him, and now you are his parent. You even invite this this by constantly reassuring him, “Do whatever makes you happy, take your time finding a job, I'll move for your next temporary job”. You were furious that he quit, yet made sure not hurt his fragile feelings. When he feels like quitting, he just does it, mom/dad/you just pay the bills anyway. You even uproot your life just so he can be a little more comfortable. He would be unemployed forever, and it seems like you allow it.

    This is your life forever with him, constantly compromising yourself because he had a slight inconvenience. He doesn't work to support the family, he does it because he's bored. You are his mother now. He isn't trying to be a responsible husband or a father, he's just looking for a comfy place to live! and likes having a mom with benefits. You fell in love with his potential and now want him to grow up, never going to happen. I'm curious exactly what you saw in him, or if you were just lonely and thought the world was ending anyway.

  15. I don’t think it’s an accident. Once, maybe (even that is dubious) but since it interests him, I think he’s trying to test your boundaries and see what you will allow. The vagina and the ass do not feel the same, and you typically have to push in order to get into the ass. It’s always taken quite a bit of effort from my partner, at least as a receiver. Also, I get extremely wet too, but I’ve never had it slip in by mistake.

    I would initiate a conversation with him and tell him your concerns. Get your point across that you’re not interested in anal, and since he’s “slipped up” twice now, it’s making you wonder if he’s doing it on purpose. If he’s a good guy and respects your boundaries, he’ll understand and do everything he can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  16. Are you serious?

    This is so high risk: you risk straining/losing your relationship with your boyfriend, you risk putting yourself in a possibly dangerous situation by going out with someone you don’t even know…

    You’re about to risk a four year relationship because you “love going to dances”?


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