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  1. Was him not telling you the only reason you were hurt by this?

    Remember that the child is not your husband's child legally or socially. He did not donate his sperm to have a child with his young MIL but to help out his father.

    Your husband did not knock up his dad's wife unless they had intercourse. To say that he knocked her up is a completely inappropriate way to put it. Pull your head out of your arse and get over it.

  2. Break up occurred as my communication skills degraded over the course of the relationship

    I'm my mind – the balls in her court if she wants to rekindle things. I don't want to cheapen the apology by asking her so soon afterwards.

    It sounds like your communication skills still need work. She can't read your mind and may be hesitant to make assumptions about what your 'catch up' meant to you. Or it could be that she's moved on from wanting a romantic connection with you and is content with a casual, platonic relationship. Either way, you won't know unless you talk to her about it.

    On a side note, if she is interested in seeing you again as a potential romantic partner then you should start again from scratch. Approach it as a whole new fledgeling relationship rather than rekindling of an old one. If she isn't interested then you'll have to accept that and move on however works best for you. But again, you'll find it hot to discover where you both stand on this matter without clear communication.

  3. He has explicitly told you he was not ready to be married.

    He also got you a nice gift that you told him you wanted

    You need to calm down and tell him thank you for the gift. Then, have a serious conversation about where you both are in your relationship and affirm that you have the same plans for your mutual future

  4. So is this an issue you have about yourself or a him issue? Seems like it’s a you issue and those issues are hot to fix. At least he win out there cheating like the rest off Reddit seems to be


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