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  1. All of the signs are pointing to him living a completely different life when he’s at work. He probably has a work wife and nobody there knows you even exist.

  2. “How do I respond to this?”.

    You don't. You haven't been asked or informed of anything apart from the public engagement announcement. There is zero reason to respond. While your feelings are understandable, if you make a fuss about this, you will inevitably be seen and accused of making it about yourself. Which it isn't. Friendships evolve and people be one closer to others more than others. Maybe your geographical location being far is one of her reasons. Maybe she doesn't see you as a close enough friend to include in this. Wait for the invitation to the wedding. Attend the party if you are invited but don't spend unnecessary money and time on someone who is clearly in another headspace about your closeness.

  3. So are you implying that people can buy insurance on anyone they want to without the person knowing and take the cash?

    Because I don't recall that being how it works.

    I had to provide so much documentation signed by me to get my insurance.

  4. Even if his responses are the way they are because he is autistic, you can still break up with him over it. You’re allowed to have expectations and right now they aren’t being met.

  5. I call bullshit, OP's anger is misplaced. I can't see things her way, her bf and his wife is right to limit contact.

  6. This relationship is exhausting. Relationships are supposed to be fun and loving, not arguing and insecure so it does sound like the bad outweighs the good. And not to be cruel, but the museum story is just stupid. You either go or don’t go. You don’t banter back and forth about who really wants to go or not. If this is an indication of your day to day life, no wonder you worry about breaking up. You sound like teenagers not adults 25 and 30. So until one of you gets sick of the childish games you play, you will continue to drive each other crazy.

  7. I didn't cancel on her. I just shared the zoo idea with my cousin. There have also been several instances where she would give me ultimatums e.g. either go out with her or go to my cousin's wedding/either go out with her or go spend a day at the hotel for a team building/ choosing the relationship or a business trip abroad

  8. The epitome of commitment issues is screaming at you. I’m sure she’s a lovely girl, but dating someone who is this nude and cold will only hurt you in the end. If you remain friends, these romantic feelings won’t ever go away, so if you still want to pursue her then go for it.

    However, I’d strongly suggest moving on and finding a partner who communicates their issues well and has mutual romantic feelings.

    Lastly, she’s obviously not fully committed and/or comfortable in a labeled relationship, maybe there’s some mental block/issue at the heart of the problem. Give her time and space, and i would make it clear that she hurt you; but forgive your friend, her intentions were good and she may even need some help. A good friend might be the thing she needs most right now.

  9. She has a full time job as a nurse. She has noticed our bes chemistry isn't there anymore and turns to call herself fat. I usually end up trying to comfort her and say no you are fine.

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  11. I'm not at all experiencing social isolation. I just don't see my friends in person as much as we'd all prefer.

    Welcome to life as an adult with a job and a family. There are only 24 hours in a day.

  12. Since nothing physical happened I would take this to your grave. Channel tne guilt into making sure you never flirt with another man again.

    This guilt is your burden to bear.

  13. Thanks. Honestly, she’s the kindest person I know and always wants me to be happy. I feel like I worry more about her than she even worries about herself. I just know she’s not healthy right now and I want healing for her so bad. She’s fine not talking about her issues at all, I probably bring it up more than her, and it’s just to see how she’s doing. She definitely does her part to make it a balanced relationship

  14. I don't drink because it makes me sleepy. Alcohol just has that effect on me. Maybe he is the same. Whatever the reason though, it doesn't sound like the pair of you are particularly compatible.

  15. Yeah. That’s better than my idea of spiking him with loads of his stupid ‘edibles’ and tying him up until he gives the password!

  16. Leave her alone – if you're this hung up on her finding confidence in sexual expression over the course of a year and with someone else (especially since it's not like you've kept your dick to yourself), you're not going to be good for her or her life. Let her move on to someone with a similar experience level and more self awareness. If her not feeling ready to try things with you but willing to try with someone else should give you any bad feelings, it should probably be a little shame that you never made her feel safe and comfortable enough with you to trust you to be her first. That says more about you than it does about her. And you're both better off moving forward instead of trying to move backwards.

  17. It really has nothing to do with you or her, it’s his own fear and insecurities. I’d just say like “sorry to hear that, good luck with everything” and leave it at that. If he is flaky now, your relationship will always be flaky, this is not a solid foundation and he is telling you he isn’t capable of giving you more. Let it go.

  18. Fuck that guy. Not literally… Unless that's your thing… But really… He doesn't have a clue about hiw racism works. Hell…. I'm still learning but this is ridiculous.

  19. Yeah, that's the problem. I know that his family is very important to him, and We've had explicit discussions about him needing the person he dates/marries to have a relationship with his family. I want that too. I just don't know how to do that when it feels like there's nothing I can do.

  20. Maybe it wasn't clear enough, but nobody is blaming the people with low standards for themselves. Obviously it's childhoods issues reflecting on the adult they are.

    But hey, looking on the brighter side, you did the biggest step by acknowledging you have an issue that aren't accountable for. Now it's just a matter of experiencing and finding where you stand.

  21. OP, you can't strongarm someone into respecting you. I've read all your comments and I think you're focused on the wrong thing.

    You're trying to enforce these restrictive rules to stop him from being inappropriate and secretive with women, but this isn't addressing the real issue which is that he WANTS to be inappropriate and secretive with them in the first place. If he had appropriate boundaries, you wouldn't need this rule because he would already recognize what is and isn't respectful to you.

    This is like trying to dictate where your partner can and can't go to stop them from cheating on you. If your partner is loyal, you don't need to stop them, they just…won't cheat on you. This guy is controlling of your male friendships but does whatever he wants with his own. That's not a female friendship problem, that's a respect problem. You don't solve that with rules, you solve it by dating someone who respects you.

  22. Just say “no thanks”, people are adding so much to this and coming up with these additional “what if” scenarios.

  23. Those are some serious mental gymnastics there….like, sure, it could all be that, but also, the amount if energy put into that explanation of four words is kind of….telling to me. That's some manipulative thinking at best.

  24. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    I (18F) need some advice on what to do going forward with my (18M) boyfriend. My boyfriend is this amazing loving, supportive guy. We’ve been together only a few months now but we just click so well. The only thing we can’t seem to agree on are my tattoos. He says he just doesn’t find them attractive and feels conflicted because he knows how much I love them and doesn’t want to stop me from getting them, he just feels he’ll lose attraction for me. He says if I get anymore he can’t guarantee he’ll stay with me. Now I don’t know what to do because I love him so much, but getting tattoos brings be so much joy and I love adorning my body in such a way. Do you have any advice?

    TLDR: is it worth getting more tattoos if my boyfriend might break up with me?

  25. Why are you excluded? That seems odd. Just tell her your like to be included in the group chat about 'our' trip. No explanations needed.

  26. I was in an abusive marriage for over 20 years. I finally feel free and happy in my 50s. It won’t get better. Don’t wait to leave. Don’t be me.

  27. Don;t cyber stalk the guy. You are broken up. let it go…if you need answers ask him. It didn't work out the first time, it wont work out the second, so just ask for the closure sake you need. Don't be surprised if he balks about talking about it. Some people are in bad denial or just really in the closet out of fear and shame(sadly).


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