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10 thoughts on “kisimotokey

  1. I am neither ok with hooking up with anyone except my partner and I am certainly not open to being cheated upon. So I know what I have to do tonight, breakup.

  2. Aquaculture (especially for people who are working to breed fish ethically) isn't like most other hobbies – it's one you have to dedicate a big chunk of your life to. As someone who's had two kids, and who survived PPD and PPA twice – there's no realistic way to balance that first couple of years with such an extensive hobby.

  3. Yes for me it would be acceptable, but I fear that my girlfriend will start finding reasons that she can't attend.

  4. Repulsive and disgusting. She's sounds violent and irrational. I once had an Ex-boyfriend spit at me, after I broke up with him. NEVER AGAIN. That spit helped me to choose better people; rational, logical, kind, pragmatic, gentle men.

  5. Stop having talks when drinking or right before fooling around and set a time to do it so you both can come prepared to speak on something.

  6. Move on and leave her alone. You didn't want what you had and no someone else has her, you suddenly want her back.

    Learn from your mistakes and be better in future relationships, leave this one alone, she's moved on and likely happier.


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