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Sexy surprise! LOVE [GOAL MET]


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12 thoughts on “KimKL

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  2. I’m very competitive. I would loathe if someone let me win anything.

    When I’m playing someone with a huge quality gap I just adapt my game to make it more fun and “challenging” for my adversary (you can create some conditions for you to make it more difficult for you to win).

    You need to be delicate about how you will convey the message that you will destroy him in the game you guys intend to play. Maybe play one match and when he comment about your skill you tell him that you practiced a lot and is really proud of it. From this point either he will lose interest in playing with someone that much better or he will take the opportunity to learn from someone more experienced.

    But if you wanna keep sending the shitty pilk memes (i had to google it) and get beyond the chess match you better not fuck this up.

    Good luck!

  3. It doesn't matter what you identify as. You feel certain way and that's what matters. Lesbian, Straight, Bisexuals are just names. They are useless by themselves so if you have trouble putting label to yourself then don't. It doesn't change anything.

  4. That doesn't make any sense ?. It's called a preference. That's like claiming gay people have a fetish for other gays or straight people have a fetish for other straight people.

    Please hop off Twitter and Tumblr for a week to clear your mind.

  5. If he cared about you, he would not only have made weekend plans with you instead of someone else after not seeing each other for so long, but he would have also followed up after you didn’t reply his text. You should consider this thing to be over, 2 weeks of not talking for no apparent reason is basically a break up.

  6. Even with your open relationship comment, this looks grim.

    The “chase” is immature. That's for boys, not men.

    Dressing up around the house… is doable. Personally, I would tell him, “I'll dress up if you take me out.”

    Finally, as a married woman, you are going to run out of surprising aspects about yourself. There might be something he doesn't know that you remember from ten years ago, but… most conversation becomes about current events.

    It seems like all these issues are you, you, you. Where is his effort? Sounds like he's about to be “chasing” trying to keep you.

  7. You can easily make yourself sick, if she is crying and starts coughing it can start your gag reflex and makes her sick, it sounds like she is doing it on purpose since it only happens when she doesn’t get her way and specifically in arguments with you. She knows you’ll stop to help her when she makes herself sick, it’s a manipulation technique and you are allowing it. Honestly your only option is to let her get sick do NOT help her when this happens and when she’s done resume the discussion. I had a friend that would become hysterical (basically throwing a temper tantrum) when we argued but I didn’t let her antics get to me I just waited until she calmed down but I refused to console her and when she was gone we finished the argument. If you let the argument be forgotten you are still giving her what she wants, these disagreements need to be resolved her getting sick in the middle can make small arguments into bigger issues down the road.

  8. What? Obviously they planned the trip before she broke up with him and she is trying to find someone else to take so she’s not out the money

  9. Why did you end the relationship? 7 years is a long time, so it's going to be a long time before you're completely over him. There is no quick fix. If it's any comfort, he is probably doing the same thing, but maybe worse, since you broke up with him. The only way to stop over thinking is to occupy your mind and body with other activities that challenge both.


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