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3 thoughts on “KimKL on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Two paranoia reasons I can think of:

    A) the idea that you might impregnate yourself to 'trap' him.

    B) the idea that you might use it to claim as evidence for SA.

    Not that he doesnt trust you per se, but he might be listening to the wrong sort of podcasts / shows etc that spread this type of fear.

    Maybe just ask him, without being angry or offended, why did it?

    Of course there are disgusting reasons as well, such as the intent to feed it to someone either with or without consent. Don't ask me why, there are gross people out there.

  2. Seriously I ve seen many adult siblings sleep together in vacations or when space is an issue.Doesnโ€™t mean anything.

    Would he bang his mom or his sister if they slept in the same bed?

  3. okay but it still happens? all iโ€™m saying is that it is possible to conceive despite using condoms.


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