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  1. You sure he has ASPD? Has he been officially diagnosed?

    Just thinking about the length of your relationship.

    Does he participate in psycoeducation/therapy?

    don't get me wrong,but you never felt something was off in your relationship ( not saying it has been wierd). Just like .. you know you get scared and begin to worry when he tells you.

  2. Set some time apart for self reflection. Give serious thought about WHY you created so much drama about a small issue. Self reflection will help you solve your problem.

    Your reaction to all the commenters thus far indicates an unwillingness to consider the possibility that you are wrong – and yet you posted here, which indicates an openness to being told you are wrong … so some part of you wants help but part of you wants to pretend that you’re right.

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  4. When you are in a committed relationship you have a responsibility to more then yourself. So both can be true she could have been coerced but she was still abdicating her responsibility to him.

  5. She is using the child to manipulate you. That’s concerning behavior. I suspect your relationship was not healthy to begin with. For the sake of child, go completely NC.

  6. Self righteous jerk, has he ever said hello to a woman? That must be cheating. Has he ever put money into a servers hand? That must be cheating. Has he ever told anyone about his relationship EVER? That's definitely cheating at least in his eyes and therefore in yours. “Oh you told your mom about us? Cheating bastard, what do you mean but she's your mother you don't feel that way about her? I didn't feel that way about my ex when I told him I was unable to meet with him because I had a great guy but that was definitely cheating so you and your mom… BUSTED.”

  7. She has known that for two years now. We weren't ever really 'close' without my intention of dating being there but we definitely have been platonic friends for most of my life honestly. I realize how finding that out could've made her feel but then why is she texting me after all this time?

  8. Yeah that seems right atm. But what if by maintaining distance we get drifted apart? I really don't want that. Also we see each other in the office everyday so it becomes awkward

  9. I agree keeping it a secret is weird, but driving a coworker for 4 minutes a day is hardly inappropriate. It's barely enough time to talk about the weather, much less anything deeper.

  10. I watched a pork loin for 8 hours today on my smoker. It was so moist.

    That’s a long time though. Maybe I have a problem.

  11. Anyone being hung up on their partner’s past, body counts, or whatever- I just don’t get it. You’re with each other now, that’s what’s important right? It’s a huge red flag, it’s just immaturity, it’s possessiveness, it’s insecurity. And everyone I know agrees with me!!!!

  12. In all seriousness he either already is sleeping with other people or has a particular in mind who he will sleep with the second she says it’s okay. He just wants to have his cake and eat it too, no man would ask for an open marriage if he didn’t already have an idea of what that will be like.




    Sorry I figured all caps might help you understand more. Since you seem to be mentally deficient

  14. Emulating your style is also another low self-esteem behavior. That is behavior usually seen at a much younger age (13-15yo). It's possible your friend is just emotionally immature. He may just be slow in catching up or he may never catch up; that's something neither you nor I can predict.

    If you feel like you should distance yourself, then you should. You are aware that you're uncomfortable with the situation as it currently is and it's important to acknowledge your own feelings. They're important.

  15. That’s why if you do it anonymously she won’t know that it’s you at all. That’s why I thought she wouldn’t be able to hear you. She would think you were just jealous.

  16. The next sentence said “or does the phone take the same as their chargers?”

    Regardless, it’s suspicious the phone was charging in the bathroom especially when the phones are charged elsewhere in the home

  17. Sure, he is looking at other girls, but we all do one way or another, in public, in movies, in music videos, on insta, on fb, etc etc etc.

    In general, how is your marriage? Are you two happy? If he is just looking around a bit at attractive women, I don't see a huge deal. But if this is a symptom of him being lonely/frustrated/unhappy, than that's the actual problem and that's what you two should focus on.

  18. You’re projecting who you are onto him and making it a problem. Lots of people on this planet live! perfectly contented lives without having friendships that are more than acquaintanceships. Let him do him and you do you.

  19. If her response to you not giving her “enough attention” (already a glaring red flag) is to reject the attention you do try to give her it means she's more interested in controlling you than actually spending time with you. She's trying to show you right now that she's the boss and you'll be punished any time you don't lavish her with the praise she wants. Only you can know if you're desperate enough to want to be her toady like that. Most guys wouldn't.


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