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2 thoughts on “kattiebonnet

  1. It is very telling when people do this tinder bullshit behind their partner’s back even when everything is fine in the relationship. How will you trust him when you two struggle like every couple after marriage? Are exhausted raising kids?

    If he needs thrills now during the easiest part of a relationship, I find it really revealing about his character. It’s selfish and indicative of an ability to deceive without causing himself stress. Not good.

    I’m so sorry this happened- we all deserve someone who wants to just be with us, not run around creating a circus and making us doubt reality.

    You said you had a feeling that triggered all this- trust yourself. You knew something deep down.

  2. Can you check her phone?

    Please do not give me reasons you won't. If you can do it, DO IT.

    This is all highly suspect, and now she won't let you be there when she can confirm that she didn't cheat.

    Check her goddamn phone.


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