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5 thoughts on “kataleya-g

  1. The sooner you get divorced, the sooner you can be free to find someone else who WILL be your forever person, Someone who won't lie to you, has the same boundaries/compatability etc, which right now, is the opposite of your wife. Don't hang on to the past to so long that you're prevented from happiness in the future.

    There's no magical words you can say to her that'll make her realise how wrong it was for her to lie to you. If she doesn't understand that by now, she never will. Think about if there's a specific requirement in your mind, that'd make you know 100% that you want to stay with her. Like if she makes a true heartfelt apology, explains what she did wrong, and how she's going to fix it/not do it again, for example of what one of those requirements could be. Then think about how likely it is that she'd ever fulfil that requirement. If you truly know that she'll never do something like that, then you know for sure that she'll never be the person you want her to be


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