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  1. Degree means nothing to me. I prefer someone who respects, honors and values me. Is a hard worker and protector and makes me laugh. A degree doesn’t guarantee any of that.

  2. I would have laughed. Unless you ruined something I guess, then I would be annoyed but still laugh. “Great, now my bag is pregnant.”

  3. Don't ever give up your dreams. Relationships don't always last and your already is struggling sure it's “because” school- but if he can't support you chasing your dreams do you really think he'd support you elsewhere?

  4. She was sexually assaulted. That’s terrible. No one should have to go through that, but she did. She notes that she was assaulted as a little girl. She’s no longer a little girl anymore. She was a victim then. She can no longer keep using the same excuse! And I’m not even saying externally. Her using it is the main reason she hasn’t sought change yet! It’s the main reason she’s still crying for 2 straight hours.

    I don’t want my post to make it seem like I disagree with assault being bad. But the fact of the matter is is it happened. We can’t online in the past! We need to constantly strive to be better!

    Have you ever watched how someone who is addicted to meth fixes their problem? The show intervention is a great example of this. The addicts are so down on themselves. Woah is me. The world is out to get me. Fun fact, a vast majority of the people on that show were sexually assaulted, and they use it as an excuse to do what they do. It takes a long look in the mirror to realize that SHIT happens and life moves on with or without you.

  5. She already is resentful for the disney story that she never had fulfilled for her thanks to someone else instead of making it happen on her own self. She’s got no sympathy from me and the type of people like OP make me sick

  6. Most pressed pills labeled as MDMA aren’t actually MDMA and can have a very wide range of other drugs in them. I highly doubt she did a reagent test before taking it like you should, it could very well prove fatal the first time you take it. Always test your drugs people

  7. Your boyfriend is a colourist. His colourism isn’t even internalized anymore, he’s really comfortable saying it to your face.

    Sorry that he’s a piece of shit who’s only dating you for your white skin tone.

  8. Well, you are in a abusive relationship. Seems like if you want to stay in this toxic relationship you’ll have to get a gastric sleeve or something.

    I don’t think he realizes just how much he’ll have to support you and the kids with you being a stay at home mom after a divorce. You’ll probably still have to get a job and figure out childcare.

    So if he wants to do fat jokes, remind him he’ll lose half his paycheck if he keeps this toxic behavior up.

  9. We’ve been together 6 years. I’m on the fence about kids, every reason there is just sounds a bit selfish because it’s for your own benefit. I think I’d be more open to it if I knew he would be patient and not angry with the kid. I do think his anger is mostly directed toward me when we argue, He has tried a few therapists, both of which were not very qualified/not a good fit. Which I understand, the last therapist I had just agreed with everything I said. Another fell asleep on me so I know it can be hard to find someone.

  10. Don’t try to have sex with drunk people: they aren’t in a state of mind to consent, and this is akin to SA.

    He’s a human being. Most people don’t want to have sex every day, especially if they’re tired and drunk. Just let him sleep.

  11. Please reread your post. This man does not want to be with you. He is toxic. This is t what a healthy relationship or partner looks like. He has shown you exactly who he is and what kind of husband/father he’ll be. Believe him and get the fuck out.

  12. >Gifting is my love language and to me it’s an important, thoughtful symbol of your sacrifices care for the other person.

    Sharing the same type of love language is vital for relationship success. You and him clearly have the opposite love language.

    I recommend asking him to go to therapy if he has anxiety.

    Could it also be a cultural thing by chance?

  13. Pursue whoever you like. You are capable of determining this. The age gap you speak of is not extreme. Do not deny yourself the opportunity for something real because you worry about what society thinks. All the best.

  14. Well you need to change that view point. The nice things don't cancel anything out. The nice things are purely done to control and manipulate you. So basically he is cancelling out your concerns and feelings by saying what he did was slight? It wasn't slight at all by the sound of it. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like he will ever see your point of view. You will always be wrong in his eyes.

  15. I'd send him nudes: hard mole rat.

    Every time he asks, you send a pic of a hard mole rat. A different picture every time.

    A plethora of naked mole rat pictures awaits his future.

  16. Babies don’t choose to be born, or who they are born to. Parents choose to make babies, and who to make them with; for this reason obligation always goes from parent to child, and never the other way around.

    You and your wife chose each other- that’s an obligation you both chose and have to take seriously. You’re a team/ partnership. You and your wife need to come up with a firm mutual plan- put it in writing or embroider it on a pillow if it helps you stick to it.

    If her brother needs money for school- do you two help him directly? Is it a loan you create a written contract for? (You can both always decline to collect a portion if you choose)

    Is there support you’re both comfortable giving your parents to keep them from starving/ being homeless? Or are you both agreed that not your obligation?

    Be a United front. When a kid wants something like candy- mom says no because dinner is almost ready, so the kid goes and asks dad who says yes. Mom gets mad at dad, but the kid doesn’t care they caused turmoil because they got to eat Candy instead of dinner. You’re the mom in this scenario, FIL is the kid who wants something and doesn’t care what consequences are caused by dividing you. Whether the FIL is asking politely, having a temper tantrum, or whatever- you and your wife need to metaphorically lock arms and say “Not before dinner” (I.e. “No”).

  17. I'm not absolving your wife of responsibility entirely, but it's clear that Amanda was the aggressor here and has been the one pushing boundaries from the beginning. I suspect she was also less drunk than your wife was, and I guarantee she's been planning this for a while.

  18. Ew. No it’s a red flag for YOU. Not everyone. Can we not all just be different? Sorry you’re insecure and your sex life is bad but come on!

  19. Do not move in together when you have so much uncertainty about the relationship. This should only happen if you want to get married and it doesn’t sound like that is where you are.

  20. I actually do very much agree that both parents should be given consideration for custody’s. And unless there are valid reasons they be grated it.

  21. Wrapping your legs around their waist is really fricken weird. She’s lucky she hasn’t been mauled yet


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