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  1. Not I just didn’t understand was compatibility meant in general. I thought it had to do with similarities and getting along, we got along pretty well. I genuinely just didn’t know what compatibility meant since I was confused he said it.

  2. It's only been a couple weeks since you guys broke up. It'll take time but you will start to feel better. I personally wouldn't recommend trying to date right now but that's not my choice. Maybe give yourself some time. Start a new hobby, read some books, just spend a little time with yourself. Every break up sucks, but they all suck less with time and distance.

  3. Contact your parents and ask for help. Maybe they'll be able to pay for a plane or train ticket.

    Do you have any friends or relatives who will let you crash on their couch? Or have you considered contacting a shelter?

    Financial abuse is a thing. Abusers also tend to isolate their victims making it harder for them to leave. You can contact a DV hotline and ask for help with an escape plan.

  4. I know 6 years is a long time BUT like you said you were each others firsts,you didn't betray your relationship even after breaking up.Its respectful to your partner to wait a few months to see other people.This would be dealbreaker for me even if he told me in the moment we got back together.Lying about it makes it even more disgusting.

    There is someone out there that wouldn't do this to you.

  5. I mean, I kind of get this perspective, but the whole idea that you have to blindly trust your partner no matter what or you shouldn’t be together is also weird to me.

    First, trust is earned and grown or at least maintained over time. I trust a partner I’ve been with for years who has never given me reason not to way more than I trust someone I’ve been dating for a few weeks. If I used the fact that I don’t fully trust a new partner yet as a reason to break up, I’d be alone for life.

    But secondly and maybe more importantly, I think pretty much anyone is capable of cheating in the right circumstances. You mix together attraction, opportunity, resentment to your partner, drugs/alcohol, stress, etc at the right time and in the right amounts and you can make anyone a cheater, no matter how much they love their partner and are generally loyal. The biggest thing that separates the faithful from the cheaters is that faithful people avoid putting themselves in situations where they’d be more likely to cheat. And going on a weekend trip with someone with whom you have a current emotional and prior physical relationship, where your current partner is explicitly not invited, when you’ve just had an argument with your partner, to a city known for sex and drugs is a recipe for making a poor decision. In op’s boyfriend’s shoes there is no way I’d go on that trip or even consider it.

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