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My pleasure it, ’s in your hands ❤️ #NOLIMIT in #pvt #c2c #DIRTY #ANAL #SQUIRT #LUSH #MILk #fisting [9895 tokens remaining]


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4 thoughts on “HornyNalia

  1. Have you ever been to therapy? It's very common for people who prey on teenagers to find someone who grew up in an abusive home and has a warped sense of what's normal or healthy. I'm not blaming you for that, it's just a really dangerous position to be in because when you come from abuse (I did as well), anything that isn't outright abusive or dangerous like that seems incredible.

  2. Thank you so much, I appreciate your time, I really like the idea of asking if she wants to talk about it now or later, that will help a lot, she’s trying to work on her problems and is going to therapy and is actively getting better but her mom and her have a lot of weekly issues that she has to talk about in therapy so talking about our relationship in her therapy doesn’t get talked about much, her issues with her mom are definitely more important at the moment, I plan on asking her to talk tonight after work and listening to her side, and I will bring up those points that you said, I’ll post a comment about how it goes/ her side thank you so much for your advice


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