Gaby Ferrer

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Tell me im everything you want while I ride you, ♥ at goal: ass tease [Multi Goal]


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2 thoughts on “Gaby Ferrer

  1. Thank you for your comment. He definitely contributes in his own way(pays for meals and such). But I know he CANNOT be there for me emotionally, it’s just not his character I guess. Thank you, your words will sit with me ?

  2. I forgot about the jokes you mentioned in your post, that can be very hurtful. It’s also an indication that he’s unsatisfied. You seem to want a fresh start and a very different life than what you’ve been living. That’s exciting and terrifying- take some time to ensure you’re not avoiding/escaping before making any big moves. * I divorced in my early/mid 30’s. Basically rediscovered who I am, best time of my life, took alot of therapy though.


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