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today be my partner, ❤ #ride #toy❤#latina #cum #lesbian #team [619 tokens remaining]


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4 thoughts on “funnyteamm

  1. Yeah, immediately jumping on a 5 year age gap between any two adults as problematic is crazy. I'd understand if we were talking about an age gap that makes it between an obvious child and adult (11-16 with a 16-21 year old for example). But between two young adults there's no reason that it's definitely problematic, and there's no reason to simply assume massive difference in maturity.

    Of course, her bf can still be problematic and manipulative, no matter their age.

    This is what matters. Any relationship can be problematic, and jumping on two young people just because there's a few years between them is what causes shit like somebody calling their friend a pedophile for thinking a 20 year old is hard.

  2. Tell him that you want to break up, and when he freaks out tell him that it was a test and he failed and you’re still breaking up with him.


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