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22 thoughts on “FER

  1. I don’t mean for this to sound callous at all and it is just an example to prove a point. But Ted Bundy was a good guy (he even saved a woman’s life!) except for the 10% of the time when he was killing women.

    Everyone has their off days where they aren’t at their best. But those not perfect moments should not EVER make you feel scared, bullied, or trapped! You deserve SO much better and I hope that take the steps to escape this abuse!!

  2. She's not your person and yoyr patience is wasted on her. You won't get an equal relationship with her and you'll end up mentally drained from all the emotional support you provide her.

    I'd move on.

  3. of course it doesn't make sense, you are only able to see a tiny fraction of a puzzle. It's like being given 10 pieces of a 1000 pieces puzzles and being told to guess what it is.

    Anyone sane would say that it's not possible and yet, it's what you are trying to do.

  4. As soon as I saw “hoarder” I was on your mom's side. It would be the height of madness to let your aunt set foot in your mom's condo. The only result would that they'd both be homeless in a year.

    She also refused to go to my moms wedding because my father is black

    This too is more than sufficient reason to say no.

    I feel bad for your Aunt. She's going to be homeless pretty soon if not already, but not everybody can be helped. The only help you should be offering her is therapy.

  5. I’m glad you told her. He was never going to jeopardise his relationship with her but is clearly happy to lose yours with him.

    Why are they having Sunday dates? That’s exactly what’s been happening.

    You really should leave. You don’t do this in a marriage. You don’t do this to you partner.

    He can figure life out on his own and you deserve to have the life and love you want.

  6. So there is no way that he responds with a nice, self-positive, reassurance response?

    Like, no matter what she says his response is, “ I see beauty, desire, love…etc.”

    Man. Find out he’s an ass before treating him like one.

  7. First off, I would never get married. Second, I don't pursue married women. I was just making a point that it's well-known that women, especially flight-attendants, have high degrees of extramarital sex while away from their husbands. Not all. So, maybe in a bar with 20 women there'd be 3-4.

  8. Well, honestly if that is her naked line then that is what you have to do, but only if it is equal. If you can't follow women on Instagram, neither can she. If she does, then she is just as guilty as you would be. Honestly though, if you read back through this is this the life you want to live? Is this the level of sanity you want to deal with for the rest of your life? You are so young, you have so much time to figure things out. I think you should try to work through exactly what you want out of life and out of a relationship, on your own, without complications for a while. Because no one needs to live with this little trust from the one person they should be able to rely on the most.

  9. Marriage means you're supposed to be making decisions they, as a team, for your future together.

    It sounds like she is prioritizing decisions made with the boyfriend at the expense of you.

  10. You are an Adult. Your family is not going to rescue you from this.

    No one is going to come to your rescue.

    Rescue yourself.

    Sit down with each family member, or a couple at a time.

    Explain that gf is a mean and manipulative bitch and she hasn't changed. She came into the kitchen and told me that all of you are going to chose her and fucking fake ran out as if she was upset.

    When she calls me names or “jokes” about me I need you to be an adult and help shut her down.

    Next time she is at an event use these phrases whenever she talks:

    “Leave me the fuck alone.”

    “We aren't friends so don't direct your shitty words that you call jokes at me.”

    “Stop being so fucking immature and don't talk at me. I don't care.”

    “Why don't you fuck off to your troll cave.”

    “Fuck off.”

    “Go away.”

    “More trash coming out if your mouth. Nothing has changed.”

    “Still trying to relive your best years back in high school I see.”

    “Still the same trash you were in high school.”

    Do not hold back. Hit her in the face verbally every time she talks at you.

    Then walk away. Do not say anything else or argue or debate.

    If she follows you anywhere… make sure you have a drink with you and throw the contents at her (not the glass). Seriously. At this point you have to nothing to lose.

    “Whoops I tripped and spilled my drink.” I'm so clumsy. (Seriously pretend you tripped at her. Never ever say you meant it.)

  11. Apparently you're not getting it, so being someone whose skillset is more in line with humanities, let me use as many different ways as I can to explain it to you. YTA, you sir are the arsehole, your conduct is such that it reminds one of the anus. For the sake of fuck embrace an attitude more befitting of one your age.

  12. I do.. I will never stay in a bad situation again. I’m trying my best to move on but he broke me into a million pieces and I’m trying to put myself together. I think if I left earlier I’d be happier or less damaged and broken.

  13. This sounds absolutely exhausting and to be honest unattractive it's like you are dating a little child and not a man. He probably has some kind of sensitive issue, but this also seems very manipulative since there seems to always be some consequences when this happens, like date being cancelled or chore not being done.


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