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  1. I stopped reading at the point you said she drinks til 4am but doesn't come home drunk…

    As an alcoholic, THATS A RED FLAG. It sounds silly, but its not

  2. Good thing that relationship is over tbh. I know you aren't gonna feel great about it but I'd assume he already had thoughts about that chick and wanted an excuse to leave. If it wasn't an excuse, then he was super controlling and him being gone is better for you both.

  3. She sounds exactly like a friend of mine that ended up full-blown schizophrenic before he passed away. I mean…he was doing the same thing: being paranoid about random people stalking him live!. I found out at one point that a woman he had been telling me about for years was stalking him and getting live to accuse him of pedophilia was actually just some random girl he’d tried to fuck a few years earlier. He had coke dick and couldn’t satisfy her, so she started calling him names. It burned into his mind and he started making up drama where she was e-stalking him. It was all in his head though, and I couldn’t get through to him. We ended up estranged because he didn’t like what I would tell him. One time, he called me at 3am threatening to kill me. He started hearing a voice that he interacted with daily (he called it an “angel”) and would turn on people if his voice told him to. He ended up dying because he had been arrested so many times that paramedics weren’t allowed to approach him without police escorts and couldn’t save him while he was dying of heat stroke in his car. But your wife is exhibiting the same stuff. She, and everyone she knows, is in a bit of danger right now. When people get paranoid and delusional like that they’re apt to do something weird or scary to those around them.

  4. OP, ask yourself why a woman around his age, with the same educational and financial background as him, doesn’t want to date him.

  5. He saved the numbers of people in the complex who also have dogs – so that their dogs can socialise.

    This isn't cheating. But your insecurity will absolutely push him away in some way/shape/form.

  6. If either one of you have an intimate relationship really, it’s between the three of you. However, I will tell you that when you have an intimate relationship, your friends change and they should. Intimacy even verbal and emotional should be kept in the relationship. Go to the movie with your friends go as a group chat meet at a restaurant in public for lunch.

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