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4 thoughts on “ErikaMonero

  1. You can totally have ur opinion on the matter, i get what ur saying. It isnt the most wise decision but its what's best for OP. That's the point of choice, no one gets to bully you or guilt trip you into making a decision you won't be comfortable living with. The original commenter was just supporting OP's decision amidst a sea of people telling her it isnt the smartest.

  2. That’s what the doctors kept saying ‘He was diagnosed with sever autism he’s just frustrated trying finding ways to communicate with him.’ It’s been said so many time I can still hear it even now.

  3. Ah, this is about the things you “need acknowledged and genuine apologies for.” Not so much about your daughter. This makes more sense.

  4. Her dorm is overly tidy, so why would you assume that. She obviously is making an effort to not live like that anymore

    Maybe she’s not embarrassed because she recognizes her parents flaws but is able to see them as whole people and not just one aspect.

    She also is worried about being judged which is why she’s speaking about them so positively, even if she’s not saying it outright

    Maybe she is embarrassed, bur trusts her boyfriend enough to not judge her because of her parents

    The boyfriend is reporting her feeling not her, so there’s probably more to her side, don’t be so quick to judge without knowing the full picture


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