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19 thoughts on “ErikaMonero online sex cams for YOU!

  1. Ehh I agree that this seems like a very stupid and over the top reaction to a hug but I also doubt this was the only time something like this has happened.

    Either dude was just insecure or controlling from the get go and just didn’t want her having any interaction with other men in general or perhaps he thought OP was a little to “touchy/friendly” with men in general hence stating he doesn’t want her talking to or hugging other main prior to dating her because it made him uncomfortable which she agreed to since they obviously proceeded.

    Still think this is a stupid reason to break up given the context but everybody has a right to break up for whatever reason they deem fit.

  2. oh ok sorry man. Thank you for clarifying. Anyway, this is a bit of a challenging situation. I would suggest to see what your personal/ internal time limit would be but do not pressure your SO. If it goes beyond your time limit then, time to make a difficult difficult decision of whether you stay or go.

  3. I am sorry about your past experience, and the recent events.

    Did these events take place in your hotel room? I would assume there would be cameras in the hallways that could be used to support you.

    I'm feeling disgusted myself even thinking about this.

    Employee in uniform, see's drunk girl trying to make her way back, he intersects and makes his way in…

  4. She’s has also stated I am not her type at all anymore but she chooses me and wants me over anyone else.

    You don’t have an insecurity problem, you have a gf problem. Anyone that says you’re not their type but still dates you is using you, lacks self awareness, or has limited emotional intelligence. She obviously has more than one type or she wouldn’t date you, or you’re her type in all the ways that matter, or she’s a shallow snot and your a placeholder until she finds her type that wants to date her. So ask her, which is it, does she have more than one type, that you are her type in the ways that matter or are you a placeholder.

    If it’s option one or two tell her that she needs to start complimenting and noticing the things about you that are her type or else it just feels like she’d rather be with someone else. If it’s option three, break out. Who needs that nonsense.

  5. Uh dude. “similar backround noise” means absolutely nothing. That doesn’t confirm it’s your ex. It could be her, but it’s a very slim chance. Besides she also doesn’t have a motive. She dumped you. She didn’t want anything to do with you anymore. I know you’re probably very curious to who this could be. I get it. I’ve been through something similar. But keep your options open instead of convincing yourself it’s your ex based on pretty much nothing.

    Anyway, I’ve had something similar happen before. You ignore them and give them as little attention as you can. Either don’t pick up the phone or when there’s silence you hang up after 10-15 seconds. Saying anything other then hello and waiting for 10 min is giving this weirdo exactly what they want. They get motivated from any attention. I can’t imagine waiting for 10 whole ass minutes.

  6. He claims to be poly yet gets jealous if she talks about dating someone else….does this not make sense to anyone else?

  7. Thank you! And we both did get screened before sleeping together unprotected. I’m also on birth control and we discussed that prior to be safe about pregnancy. I think I was under a different assumption at that point but unless its specifically talked about ur right, I can’t assume exclusivity till it’s stated

  8. Yes I get that. I have decided I am still gonna go. Now I’m asking you what should I do about her? Ignore her completely? Block her on social media?

  9. That was the wrong move.

    Apologize and apologize and apologize some more. Nothing more you can do now.

  10. He’s 21. Just because you are in love doesn’t mean you aren’t at different life stages. He hasn’t gotten to be out there and date and see everything. And he’s going to make mistakes. You either figure out how to work through them with him or accept the age gap has problems.

  11. Microbiologist here. Also a fellow eczematic. Firstly, there is such a thing as “too clean,” especially with skin like ours that tends to dry out. A very mild soap is a good way to go. No antibacterial soap, ever. Oatmeal baths are amazing for all skin, especially eczema. My wife and I take a few each week. I know some people say shorter showers/baths are better for eczema, but that’s because most people don’t do it well and use harsh soaps. Long oatmeal baths followed by generous moisturizing with a no-frills lotion like CeraVe applied while the skin is still wet (don’t dry with a towel first) do wonders and leave skin unbelievably soft.

    Unfortunately, it sounds like your bf has bought into some sexist double standards in addition to being overzealous with hygiene. It isn’t your job to smell good for other people. Your hygiene should first and foremost be about what’s best for *your** health and wellbeing*. He needs to knock that shit off.


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